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AEW Double or Nothing 2021 results: Sting’s first real match since 2015 was a slam dunk

At the age of 61, Sting wrestled his first ever cinematic match in AEW back at the Revolution pay-per-view in March. He came out of it “in shambles,” as he told Bleacher Report, because filming a match like that is much different than a 30 minute wrestling match.

To that end, he had his first actual wrestling match since 2015 at tonight’s (May 30, 2021) AEW Double or Nothing event at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. It was made easier by virtue of the fact that he didn’t have to carry the entire load, as he tagged with rising star Darby Allin to take on the arrogant young heels, Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky.

To answer any questions on just how well he would hold up, Sting took a suplex on the stage set up, popped right up after barely selling it, then did a crossbody off said stage setup to the floor below.

“You still got it,” the fans cried out in response.

Naturally, once the match made it to the ring, Allin was tasked with the heavy lifting, taking a beating from the bad guys that included getting straight up thrown into his family sitting ringside.

The crowd was hot for Sting, so when he finally got the tag they couldn’t get enough of the first Stinger Splash, or the second. The match broke down a bit from there, with a bit of a convoluted way to get to the finish, but the actual finish was incredible. Sky went for the cutter off the ropes but Sting countered it with the Scorpion Death Drop and scored the three count off that.

This was, by any standard, a smashing success for the Stinger.

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