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AEW Double or Nothing 2021 results: The D.M.D. Era has begun

It’s been more than a year since Hikaru Shida won the AEW Women’s championship at Double or Nothing 2020.

A lot’s changed since then. Fans are back for this year’s version of the event on May 30 in Jacksonville. Shida was just awarded with an upgraded version of the title belt. And Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. has been gaining a ton of momentum.

After some takedowns from the champ, the arrogant dentist from Pittsburgh controlled the early going, but Shida had more than enough fighting spirit to comeback and get in offense of her own. That included a crossbody that took out both Baker and her henchwoman Rebel (not Reba).

A curb stomp set Shida up for the doctor’s Lockjaw submission, or so Britt thought. In actuality, the time it took for Baker to get her glove and generally showboat allowed the Japanese wrestler time to recover, and the champion came back with a vicious flurry.

Baker survived, at one point by forcing a rope break. An Air Raid Crash seemed to leave Shida set up for Lockjaw, but the champion fought her way free. Things got hectic from there, and attempted inteference from Rebel went wrong.

Later interference went right, as her distraction allowed Baker to stomp Shida onto her own belt. But the champ kicked out! Hikaru came back and nailed her full arsenal of knee strikes, but she couldn’t get three. Eventually, a series of transitions ended with Shida in the Lockjaw, and she had no choice but to tap.

The D.M.D. Era has begun.

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