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Tony Khan cuts a promo on WWE over talks with New Japan Pro Wrestling

The big story of the day is word getting out that WWE has had talks with New Japan Pro Wrestling, possibly about the two sides striking up some kind of partnership. That is of interest to the folks at AEW, considering that promotion already has a working relationship with NJPW.

Naturally, Tony Khan, who, it should be noted, is promoting this week’s episode of Dynamite, which is airing on a special night and time due to the NBA Playoffs, took to social media with a promo addressing it.

He took aim at WWE and, more specifically, Nick Khan:

“I just wanted to address, as The Forbidden Door, I read in the Observer today that New Japan Pro Wrestling apparently has had talks with WWE’s President Nick Khan. Well, Nick, I have to say if you’ve been talking to New Japan Pro Wrestling for the last two months you’ve gotten a lot done! Just in the last two weeks I’ve had Yuji Nagata, Ren Narita, Rocky Romero on AEW. I’ve reunited Roppongi Vice. I’ve had the New Japan IWGP U.S. Champion Jon Moxley defend the title successfully on our show, retaining it, and I have future plans with New Japan Pro Wrestling for the U.S. title. So you must have really gotten a lot done in the last two months, Nick. In fact, I think there’s only room for one Khan in the wrestling business, Nick, and it’s me, it’s Tony Khan. It’s not some conman from Connecticut. Have a fun show tonight, Nick. See you on Dynamite.”

Don’t expect a response from WWE on this, but it’s a smart business play from Tony to get more eyes and ears on his promotion, especially just nights away from a major pay-per-view.

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