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Shaq is teasing his pro wrestling return

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Which will presumably happen in AEW.

All Elite Wrestling

When last we saw Shaquille O’Neal on AEW television, the NBA Hall of Famer was being loaded into an ambulance after going through some tables.

According to Tony Schiavone, Shaq mysteriously disappeared en route to the hospital. We’re still waiting for more kayfabe detail on that, but we do know O’Neal is alive and well. He was quickly back to his regular gig, bantering on the set of NBA on TNT.

Maybe they’ll tell us more when he returns to Dynamite - or possibly Rampage - this summer. Because that’s when O’Neal said he’ll be back. The quote from last night’s NBA coverage on TNT didn’t tell us much. Heck, in responding, ”Soon. This Summer” to a question about when he’ll be back, Shaq didn’t even confirm his comeback would happen in AEW.

But given their mutual network ties, it has to be

Now, who will he face? There is a feud in place with a certain BIG wrestler who debuted on the same SHOW where O’Neal & Jade Cargill beat Cody & Red Velvet...

Shaq vs. Paul Wight on the Fri., Aug. 13 premiere of Rampage on TNT? Book it, TK!