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Cody Rhodes decides to ‘drop a spoiler’ about the future of the TNT championship

AEW’s Twitter

News broke last week that AEW Dynamite is changing television networks in 2022, moving from TNT to TBS.

Many AEW fans have been wondering what that change will mean for the future of the TNT championship. After all, it will seem a bit strange if AEW keeps the title named after a network that Dynamite no longer airs on.

We’ve previously heard on the rumor mill that the TNT title will not be affected by the move. While hyping up Double or Nothing during an interview with, Cody Rhodes offered his own insight into the matter, in what he described as a spoiler:

“I don’t want to drop any spoilers, but I mean, I’ll drop a spoiler. I don’t think we’re going to change the title’s name one bit. TNT is the place that the first alternative challenger brand in two decades appeared on. Their excitement, our partners at WarnerMedia, and the TNT title, as I’ve stated, I think it is, if not the most important title in wrestling, the second most important title in wrestling. I don’t see us changing that name, and I think that’s kind of across the board. I don’t think you’ll find anybody in management or Tony himself who wants to change that name. We’ll always roll with the punches and we’ll always pivot, but I’m 99% sure the TNT title stays the TNT title.”

Cody is wise to leave open the 1% chance that plans might change, but for now it sure sounds like AEW will continue along with the same name for the TNT championship even after Dynamite moves over to TBS.

There are no spoilers incoming with the next quote, but Cody also sounds very excited to check out CM Punk on Heels:

“But yeah, I think Heels, I’m very curious to see. I saw [CM] Punk. When he was down here, he made a visit to The Nightmare Factory when he was filming his stuff, and that’s really exciting. Punk in any ring, in any capacity, his audience being so large, and him being so beloved by our world, I really look forward to what he does on the show too. With Stephen [Amell] and somebody like Punk, the show has to be a success, because they’re just hard workers. They’re detail-oriented guys. Stephen’s the most detail-oriented guy I’ve ever met. I bet the show kicks ass.”

I’ll let you follow up on that quote with your own speculation and jokes in the comments below about CM Punk’s imminent return to pro wrestling, Cagesiders.

Do you think it makes sense to keep the name of the TNT championship intact once Dynamite moves over to TBS?

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