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AEW Rewind: Miro’s excellent promo, new BTE champ, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite.

Reminder, Dynamite airs Friday night this week at 10 pm ET on TNT.

We’ll kick off with a great promo from Miro. He had a warning for Lance Archer prior to their TNT title clash at the Double or Nothing PPV on May 30.

Miro: The calm before the storm. I like you, Lance. Somewhere else we could have been friends. But not here, not now. Remember, you don’t get to threaten me. You don’t get to talk your shit and walk away. You come after something in my life, I come after everything in yours. And that’s the way it works. But remember, you started this. But, I’m an honorable man, and, in time, I’ll forgive you. But first I’m going to hurt you. And you call yourself a monster, but realize this. When you look yourself in the mirror, the real monster isn’t looking at you. He is looking for you.

Excellent trash-talk to hype a fight between two rugged individuals with no fear. This form of Miro is a winner.

Last night on Dark, Joey Janela ditched Sonny Kiss as Kiss was getting stretched by Hook. Janela blamed his suspicious actions on having a migraine.

For what it’s worth, Kiss replied to the same video clip with a sad face emoji.

After Austin Gunn was thrashed by Anthony Ogogo’s fists, it was announced that Gunn will be out of action for 8 to 10 weeks. Good call by AEW to sell the damage done.

Butcher was Lexy Nair’s guest on the latest Outside the Ring (here). He discussed his other career as a musician in the band Every Time I Die, growing his beard, his dog named Terry Funk, and Christopher Cross by Christopher Cross being the one album he would take when stranded on an island.

Being the Elite

“God, I Loved Those Shoes” - Being The Elite, Ep. 257 (here) featured:

  • Sad music and sad faces from the Young Bucks as they lamented their shoes being stolen by Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston. That theft sparked a motivational fire in Matt Jackson while Nick Jackson sobbed.
  • Trick shots from Nick shooting hoops off his second story balcony.
  • Rebel did not know the answer to Ryan Nemeth’s Hollywood trivia. Who played the hunky spokesperson in the Venmo commercials? Nemeth.
  • Peter Avalon wrote a touching note inside a book intended for Leva Bates. Cezar Bononi retrieved Avalon for some business, and he left the book. Alex Reynolds strolled in, read the message, and signed his name to the note.
  • Bunny wanted to cease her feud with Brandon Cutler. She presented him with a gift of his favorite treat, Pop-Tarts. Bunny then dropped the confection on the ground and stomped it. Feud back on!
  • Highlights of the Bucks in the ring from Dynamite.
  • Trent and Rocky Romero were excited about their reunion on Elevation. They are each other’s favorite tag team partner. Chuck Taylor, Kris Statlander, and Orange Cassidy were standing there with sunglasses. Taylor placed pairs on Trent and Romero, then the whole crew acted cool. John Silver came in dancing. OC kicked Silver in the nuts. Everyone followed as Silver took five kicks to the cojones. Slo-mo rebel strut.
  • More trick shots with Nick. He scored from a scooter.
  • More Hollywood trivia. Trent was the guest. Who played the hunky construction worker in Pee Wee’s Big Holiday? Trent knew the answer, because Nemeth bragged about it the other day.
  • BTE Championship meeting. Sammy Guevara and Charlie had to chat with the Bucks. The BTE title went to trash on Sammy’s vlog. Time to bring back the belt’s prestige on the A show. Charlie had an impromptu defense against Cutler in fast track hockey. Cutler won to become new BTE champ.
  • Evil Uno played the AEW casino mobile game.
  • Dark Order and Hangman Page discussed their difficult week. They drew pictures as positive therapy. Stu Grayson drew the mysterious woman (Anna Jay). Nobody believed Stu’s lady existed. However, she was also in Hangman’s photo. Stu thinks Hangman sees her too.
  • Best Friends, OC, Statlander, and Romero answered a mailbag. No wrestling questions were asked.
  • JD Drake and Avalon were called in for team building yoga with Nemeth and Bononi. They were going to use the Kama Sutra book. Drake knew that wasn’t yoga. He left to go eat.
  • Matt closed with a promo about Kingston and Moxley with insults galore. Matt knows how to be tough as a self-made millionaire. When the Bucks win at Double or Nothing, not much will change and life will go on with the Bucks as the best tag team.

We’ll close with some merch news. The next round of action figures has been revealed. Fenix, Pentagon, Hikaru Shida, MJF, Jake Hager not once but twice, and a pair for Chris Jericho. My favorite goes to Le Champion looking ready to shout, “Oh yeah!”

AEW also has fresh t-shirts. Thunder Rosa received her first official design, Hikaru Shida’s cat is a shining samurai, and Hangman Page likes stallions. I don’t know what Christian Cage’s emblem is supposed to represent.

Shop AEW is housed by Pro Wresting Tees, who is currently offering a Memorial Day sale. Get 20% off on orders from May 26 at 1 pm ET to May 31 at 1 pm ET.

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