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Brodie Lee Jr. loves his official AEW theme

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Just a bit of wholesomeness for you on this Monday afternoon. Because who can’t use some of that, right?

As you’ll no doubt recall, Brodie Lee’s oldest son is a huge pro wrestling fan. His mother credits AEW and the AEW’s roster integration of Brodie Lee, Jr. into their world for helping the 8 year cope with the loss of his father late last year.

Recently, that integration included getting Brodie Jr., aka Dark Order’s Negative One, his own entrance theme. Today (May 24), Cody Rhodes shared -1’s reaction to hearing the track for the first time.

That’s the good stuff right there... both “Carrying The Legacy” and Brodie Jr.’s joyful reaction.

You can download the song on Bandcamp here. Let us know what you think of the track, and fantasy book when you’d like to hear it on this weekend’s Dynamite or Double or Nothing shows in the comments below.