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Omega chooses violence after JR says no one is better than Orton

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On a recent edition of his Grilling JR podcast, AEW’s Jim Ross discussed who he thinks is the best pro wrestler in the world today. He’s careful to say it’s all subjective, and that today’s wrestling fans are blessed to be able to easily watch a lot of talented people.

His comments may not have even been shared around at all if he’d have picked someone from his own company. But while he gave a lot of credit to AEW’s current World champ, JR went with a guy he signed for WWE.

Here’s his quote (transcription via Wrestling Inc)

“I don’t think anybody is any better than Randy Orton in the wrestling business. Of course that’s so subjective. I love Randy’s work, although I don’t watch it regularly enough to make a great evaluation, in the last several months that I have tuned in to watch some of Randy’s segments, he doesn’t disappoint. No matter how the creative is packaged to him, he doesn’t disappoint.

“I’m sure there’s Kenny Omega fans out there that would say Omega is the best wrestler in the world. Some will, and they got the right to their opinion and I’m not going to argue it. Omega is really frickin’ good. In any event, it’s a good time to be a fan. A lot of great talent out there, improving their game, adapting and adding things.”

As we do with most things, wrestling fans reacted to this calmly and proceeded to have a reasoned, unemotional debate.

The whole thing likely would have blown over after a lazy Sunday on the Twitter machine. That is, it would have if not for this*:

Like JR’s, Jericho’s is a noninflammatory, educated opinion. It still would have probably inspired some additional discussion, but nothing major.

Omega’s is a different story. He’s clearly working, but by taking aim at Jim Cornette (that first insult combines why the frequent Elite critic left the NWA with a lifestyle Corny doesn’t deny enjoying with his wife), Ross (earlier this year the legendary announcer botched the call on Dynamite and called Kenny the WWE champ), and WWE fans in general... The Belt Collector is, as the kids say, choosing violence.

Welcome to another week on the wrestle web!

* It will still blow over in a few hours, because the internet. Unless Orton chimes in...