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Kenny Omega vs. Moose hype gets hot with vivid trash-talk

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Kenny Omega and Moose are set to collide with the Impact World Championship on the line at Against All Odds on June 12. Moose took center stage on Impact Wrestling (May 20, 2021) to deliver his first promo since becoming #1 contender. Of course, it was interrupted by Omega and Don Callis. Threats of violence flew to hype the match with great fire.

Moose began by explaining that he recognizes Omega has taken out top competition in Okada, Chris Jericho, and Jon Moxley, but Moose is a different evil. He is a five-star athlete and walking legend. It is fitting that these two finally meet. Omega is the god of professional wrestling, while Moose is the undisputed wrestling god. History is full of titans clashing, however, no god has ever knocked Zeus off Mount Olympus. That’s when Omega and Callis interrupted.

Callis took the mic. He agreed that Moose might be the most physically talented person in all of pro wrestling, but Moose has another thing coming if he thinks he can coast in to beat Omega. The problem with Moose is that he has all the talent and none of the results. Callis laughed that Moose couldn’t even win a title in ROH. Omega has won three world titles in the past few weeks. Callis questioned if Moose is truly putting in the work or just coasting on talent. He closed by proclaiming Moose will do what he always does. Come up short.

Moose had enough of the insults. He reminded Callis that he will put hands on him if he so chooses. One more word and Moose will rip Callis’ head off to stick up Omega’s ass.

Omega stepped up. He wasn’t on board with Moose’s hogwash. Omega was not opposed to putting Moose in his place at that moment. The champ reminded Moose that all it takes is one One Winged Angel to put his lights out. Moose challenged Omega to try.

As Omega unbuttoned his shirt, the Good Brothers surrounded the ring. All of a sudden, the lights went out. Lights on and Sami Callihan was in the ring with a bat. Omega and the Good Brothers retreated to safety.

Whew! That was a good segment as part one of the build toward Against All Odds. It worked on several levels. Even though Moose’s threats were a bit comically outlandish, I believe in his conviction to get the job done. Callis did well not to let Moose’s boisterous claims go unchecked. At the end of the day, Moose is a heel and deserves to be called out. I appreciate Omega leaving his silliness at the door and approaching with the supreme confidence of a champion. Add in the story bonus of the Good Brothers and Callihan to increase the drama. I am sufficiently pumped for Omega versus Moose.

After that scene, Moose and Callihan had a conversation backstage. Despite both of their personal agendas overlapping, they are not in harmony. Moose didn’t need the help nor want the help. Callihan was only out there, because he is tired of Omega’s goons roughing up the Impact wrestlers. Callihan made clear that he is coming after the winner to take the Impact World Championship.

Are you buying into the hype after that promo session between Kenny Omega and Moose? Did Moose convince you he has a legit shot to win the Impact title?