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Don Callis is reportedly no longer an executive with Impact Wrestling

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Don Callis was hired by Impact Wrestling as an Executive Vice-President in Dec. 2017. Three years later, he played a major role in a crossover angle on the “Winter is Coming” episode of AEW Dynamite, helping Kenny Omega screw Jon Moxley out of the world heavyweight title.

Callis has been inseparable from Omega on AEW television since then, even in a sexual manner. The Invisible Hand’s prominence on AEW television has led to rumors that Callis will eventually end up as a full-time talent in All Elite Wrestling. This was supported by accounts that Callis recently left Impact tapings early once his segments with Omega were finished.

New reporting from PW Insider provides more details on Callis’ changing role with Impact Wrestling:

“Multiple sources have confirmed to that Don Callis is no longer an executive in any capacity for Anthem Media or Anthem Wrestling...but Callis is still a performer for the company.”

“...He had slowly been decreasing his responsibilities outside of the Impact Wrestling creative team for some time, dating back to last year.

Callis officially left creative last month, we are told. Impact Wrestling has streamlined the creative team with his exit there and there are no current plans to replace him. The nucleus of the creative team remains Scott D’Amore, Tommy Dreamer, Jimmy Jacobs and RD Evans.”

Insider says that all sides remain on good terms, and Callis will continue to appear on Impact television as a manager for Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers. They also reiterate that it is expected Callis will eventually become a full-time performer for AEW.