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Renee Paquette and Jon Moxley have picked a name for their baby

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Back in November, Jon Moxley and Renee Paquette revealed that they’re expecting a child. Moxley’s wrestling schedule hasn’t slowed down one bit, but that might change with the big day coming up very soon.

During a conversation with her mother on this week’s Oral Sessions podcast, with Max Caster thankfully nowhere in sight, Renee confirmed that she and Jon agreed to name their baby Nora:

Renee: But you love our baby’s name, right?

Mom: Yeah, I love Nora. It’s very cute.

Renee: Sweet girl.

Mom: Can you tell the middle name, or no?

Renee: Yeah, it’s Murphy. So she’s gonna be Nora Murphy Good. And Murphy was a name that I really loved.

Mom: My sister’s dog’s name is Murphy.

Renee: It’s not named after my aunt’s dog, I assure you that. I just think it’s like a cute spunky little name.

Mom: Yeah I like it for the middle name.

Renee: Yeah. I mean I liked it for a first name too but that got shut down really quick. But yeah we kind of came upon her name really quickly. Jon and I both had agreed to Nora forever ago, like really really early on.

Mom: I know but then you called me about a month ago and you went, do you know what...

Renee: Well it’s hard. Naming a person is really stressful.

To all the Cagesiders reading this who have experience with naming people, please let us know in the comments how stressful it was for you, and how you ultimately made that critical decision.