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Mox didn’t appreciate Caster’s Renee rhyme

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It was a good line, but it’s understandable Jon busted him up for it. UPDATED with Paquette’s response.

During his weekly Wednesday midday appearance on Busted Open, AEW President Tony Khan has taken to promising us that the entrance rap Max Caster of The Acclaimed had planned for Dynamite is “his best one yet.”

Initially, I chalked it up to TK’s usual promotional hyperbole. But the past few have been pretty good. Caster’s not in danger of becoming AEW’s best cheap heat-generating heel named Max, but he’s closing the gap with Mr. Friedman.

For his May 19 opponents Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston, Caster closed his verse with this play on Mox’s wife’s podcast title.

Guess who didn’t like it?

The Acclaimed fought back, of course. And it even looked like they might hand Eddie & Jon their first loss as a team when Caster threw a steel chain to his partner Anthony Bowens. But when that led to predictable chaos in the ring, it was the Mox who made use of a foreign object to punctuate his lesson to Max.

This should earn Mox & Eddie a spot in the rankings. Will it earn them a title shot at Double or Nothing? And what will Caster come up with next?

Catch up on everything that happening on Dynamite tonight here.

UPDATE: Renee Paquette doesn’t even know who MC the MC is, but she is a nice Canadian - so she’s giving Caster a path to a guest spot on Oral Sessions...