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AEW Rewind: Young Bucks troll SCU, Darby Allin’s next target, more!

Darby Allin’s Twitter

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

After SCU lost to the Young Bucks in their tag title opportunity, that meant the day had come for SCU’s personal stipulation to part ways. Christoper Daniels’ future is unclear, but Frankie Kazarian is certain that he himself is not done.

Kaz also posted an update on Daniel’s eye injury.

The Young Bucks trolled SCU by making that photo their new profile picture on Twitter. The Bucks also claimed to take credit for the cameras cutting away from SCU’s final moment in the ring.

Young Bucks

Darby Allin lost the TNT title to Miro last week. He plans to win that gold again soon, but there is other business to attend to first. Allin is coming for Ethan Page.

Cody Rhodes’ patriotic promo last week had a mixed response. One person who loved it was Brandi Rhodes.

Anthony Ogogo offered a rebuttal to Cody’s speech on Elevation. He was also Lexy Nair’s latest guest on Outside the Ring (here). The Brit discussed Pulp Fiction as his favorite movie, meeting the Queen of England, and the pet peeve of texting LOL when it is not funny. The best part was Ogogo explaining that his favorite sound is breaking someone’s face with a punch.

Being the Elite

“I’m Thinking Of Laying This Old Body Down” - Being The Elite, Ep. 256 (here) featured:

  • Christopher Daniels was attended to backstage by the doctor for his bloody face. He cut a promo about considering retirement. Daniels broke down in tears about not wanting his time to be up. Read the full transcription here.
  • The Young Bucks had their flights canceled and had to search for a different route to Jacksonville. Their new flights left at midnight, so they decided to go home for a few hours. However, the highway was on fire, literally. The scene ended with them finally on an airplane.
  • Nick hit a trick shot flipping into the pool.
  • Ryan Nemeth did a Hollywood pop quiz with Matt Sydal. Who played the sexy cowboy on Jimmy Kimmel Live? Sydal didn’t know. The answer was Nemeth.
  • Nick hit another trick shot. This time it was from his rooftop.
  • Matt Hardy gave a pep talk to Private Party for their match on Elevation. Revenge will be enacted upon Alex Reynolds.
  • More Hollywood trivia. Ashley D’Amboise was asked who played the hunky drill sergeant on Nickelodeon’s Unleashed. She did not know. Nemeth was the correct answer.
  • Peter Avalon wanted to give a book to Leva Bates, but Alex Reynolds interrupted requesting assistance from Bates to help build his social media. She seemed flattered by Reynolds. Avalon didn’t shot his shoot, and she exited with Reynolds.
  • The Bucks talked up their fancy gear and their match with SCU. Highlights of the contest followed, particularly Daniels bleeding on Matt Jackson’s sneakers. Backstage, Matt furiously scrubbed his expensive shoe.
  • Madi Wrenkowski made a confession to Ryzin. She had wished ill will on Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero, and she felt bad about that. Nyla and Vickie overheard and made fart noises. A blonde lady was next in Ryzin’s confessional. I think she was the stylist. She felt bad about not being able to gussy up the uglies. Nyla and Vickie judged with mean faces.
  • The Dark Order and Hangman Page had a meeting. They celebrated the full crew, minus Anna Jay. Hangman joked that he invited Taz. He had a spoon so Taz could eat his backside. Unfortunately, nobody brought food for the party. They used their imagination to chow down. John Silver actually had a stash of honey. Bear Bronson stormed in wanting the honey.
  • The Bucks and the Good Brothers had their locker room cleaned up after Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston made a mess. Weird jokes followed.

Daniels’ promo was fantastic. It is definitely worth watching if you haven’t done so already. I felt his emotion in those tears. Then there was an unintentional chuckle when he brushed himself off but left a blood stain on the wall.

We’ll close with the release of The Acclaimed’s album, Critically Acclaimed, Vol 1. Several of their diss jams are featured.

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