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It’s an exciting day for the Moxley-Paquettes

Because of news about their books. You didn’t think we were talking about anything else, did you?

People via Renee Paquette’s Instagram

I feel a little bad about gimmicking the headline for this post. But not too bad, since Renee Paquette did something very similar when she was hyping up the announcement of her cookbook... a cookbook that is finally officially out today (May 18).

Of course, since Renee got us all worked up about her “big, fat announcement”, both of the things fans were speculating about have actually happened - she left WWE, and her & hubby Jon Moxley are expecting their first child, a girl.

That’s not all that’s happened, though. Nope, we’ve also learned that Mox is releasing his autobiography. News just broke yesterday about that book. The appropriately titled Mox is coming Nov. 2 from Permuted Press, the same publisher Paquette worked with on Messy in the Kitchen.

A vivid trip through the mind of the top professional wrestler in the business—a nobody from nowhere who achieved his ambitions and walked away with the gold and the girl of his dreams.

Ride alongside Jon Moxley as he retraces some of the highways traveled on his remarkable journey. Revel in the never-before-told stories about his early life in Cincinnati, Ohio; the gritty independent wrestling scene where he cut his teeth; the complicated corporate landscape of the WWE where he bucked against authority; and the rebellious upstart AEW, where he won the championship in 2020 and was finally free to achieve the vision of the wrestler he’d always wanted to be.

With plenty of pitstops and revelatory insights, including grizzly ultraviolent encounters, crazy characters who became lifelong friends, and his unforgettable matches in Japan, MOX is the riveting account of the life of a brawler. It is a tale written in blood and soaked in debauchery, with a good dose of wisdom accumulated along the way.

More than a backstage pass into the arena, MOX is a ticket into the ring. Once inside, you’ll never look at pro wrestling the same again.

Excited to read what wrestling’s favorite couple have been writing down?

And don’t worry. As soon as we hear about their really exciting day in the not-too-distant future, we’ll let you know about that, too.

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