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Moose is set as Kenny Omega’s next challenger for the Impact World Championship

Impact needed a new challenger to compete against Kenny Omega for the Impact World Championship, so they devised a six-way main event at Under Siege to determine the #1 contender. The most dangerous threat emerged victorious as Moose won the right to wrestle Omega with the gold on the line at Against All Odds on June 12.

Moose, Matt Cardona, Chris Bey, Chris Sabin, Trey Miguel and Sami Callihan all earned their spot in the six-way by winning qualifying matches. Scramble rules were in effect with no DQ. That meant the pace was total non-stop action.

Moose kicked off the bout by encouraging the other competitors to attack him. Moose planted Callihan with a pump kick. A clothesline sent Cardona packing. A big kick smashed Sabin. Moose tossed Bey off his back. He then caught a flying Trey for a fallaway slam. Moose kipped up to gloat. When Moose turned around, Sabin blasted him with a superkick. Bey landed a superkick of his own. Sabin and Bey both went for low dropkicks to the knees then hit a double superkick to knock Moose out of the ring.

The action spilled over the ropes with big moves by all culminating for a double tope con hilo from Bey and Trey.

Another cool spot was Bey powering out of a Tree of Woe to kick-start a superplex express with Callihan and Cardona, and Bey then eating a coast to coast dropkick from Trey.

One more dandy of a sequence was Moose running up the turnbuckles to superplex Trey. Bey had perfect timing to crash onto Moose with a flying splash.

Callihan broke Bey’s pin with a chairshot to the back. Callihan set up the open chair to execute an exploder suplex to Bey onto the steel. Cardona broke the pinfall. Sabin came in for a double move with a Flatliner to Cardona and DDT to Callihan.

That led to everyone hitting heavy moves one by one. Cardona finished that sequence with Radio Silence to Moose. Callihan was the last man standing after kicking Cardona in the cojones. Callihan sensed victory in his grasp, so he set up his piledriver finisher for Cardona. That’s when the Good Brothers ran out to drag Callihan from the ring. They put a beatdown on Callihan, effectively eliminating him from the finish.

The theory from commentary is that Don Callis recognizes Callihan as the biggest threat to take the Impact World Championship from Omega.

Back in the ring, Sabin connected on the Cradle Shock driver to Cardona. 1, 2, Moose pulled the referee out of the ring. Sabin attacked Moose with a suicide dive. Sabin scored a roll-up, but Moose escaped. Moose focused on Sabin’s surgically repaired knee by exploding for two chop blocks. Moose closed out the contest with a spear to pin Sabin for the three count.

After the match, Moose shouted that he is coming to take back what is ours. The key word being ours. Commentary immediately became giddy at misjudging Moose as selfish and instead viewing him as their hope and savior.

Moose is now the #1 contender for Omega and the Impact World Championship. He will get his opportunity at Against All Odds on June 12, streaming on the Impact Plus app.

Moose versus Omega is the money match. Moose is a one-of-a-kind blend of size, aggression, and athleticism. Outside of Jon Moxley, Omega has generally faced smaller opponents in his run with AEW and Impact. Moose will be the type of challenge that forces the champ to up his game. I can’t wait.

Do you like the call for Moose to earn the shot at Kenny Omega? How do you think Sami Callihan will get his pay-off down the line?

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