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Kenny Omega & Good Brothers lose to Team Impact at Under Siege

One of the headline bouts for Impact’s Under Siege event was Kenny Omega teaming with the Good Brothers to wrestle Eddie Edwards and FinJuice. It seemed like a lock for Omega’s squad to win, but not all is what it seems. Team Impact rallied to pull the upset.

The early going saw both teams exchange stretches of control with hot tag action. The heat progressed to offer a few preliminary pinfall attempts. The finish escalated into madness.

The action broke down into a flurry of moves leading to a showdown between Omega and Edwards. Omega ducked a flying knee. On crisscross rope running, Edwards collided into Omega for a shoulder block. The momentum bounced Omega backward into the ropes ricocheting back into a Blue Thunder Bomb. Omega was able to kick out on the cover.

Omega struck with a jawbreaker using his own skull then took Edwards down with a headscissors. The Good Brothers ran in to knock FinJuice off the apron. The plan was to take turns smashing Edwards in the corner, but Edwards dodged out of harm when Luke Gallows charged. Edwards sent Omega into the corner to sandwich Gallows. Edwards and FinJuice followed with running attacks. A woozy Omega walked right into a tiger driver from Edwards, but he still had the perseverance to kick out on the cover.

The contest progressed with more chaos. Juice Robinson was peppering Gallows with jabs when Omega saved the Big LG with a V-trigger to Robinson. Omega came alive for a snap dragon suplex to Edwards.

Omega and the Good Brothers flattened Edwards with a triple piggyback splash. FinJuice made the save on the pin.

FinJuice was quickly sent packing. Edwards ate a triple powerbomb but managed to kick out on the pinfall. Good Brothers set up a Magic Killer only for David Finlay to make the save and prevent their finishing maneuver. Edwards and Robinson took out Gallows with a double suplex. Omega came from behind to hit a snap dragon suplex to Robinson. A front kick to Edwards sent him bouncing back off the ropes to clobber Omega with a clothesline. Karl Anderson swooped in to seize control with a fireman’s carry cutter. Edwards stayed alive on the three count.

Edwards kicked off the final rally by shedding a cutter from Anderson. Finlay did the same, then he surprised Anderson with a stunner. Finlay slingshot out of the ring to land on Gallows. Robinson hit Anderson with an inverted double underhook facebuster. Robinson slingshot out of the ring to land on Omega. Edwards delivered the finishing blow to Anderson via Boston Knee Party for the winning pin.

Commentary put this victory over as a potential turning of the tide for Impact against Omega and his goons. Omega did not eat the pin though, so the toughest task in this war remains. Omega and the Good Brothers also lost to Rich Swann’s trios team only to see Swann lose the Impact World Championship to Omega later down the line. Beating the Best Bout Machine in singles action has proven to be a much more difficult challenge.

Do you think this result signifies the beginning of the end for Omega’s reign over Impact? Would you like to see Eddie Edwards rewarded with a world title shot for picking up the winning pin?

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