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Kenny Omega’s new enemy is Kenny the kendo stick

Life is not easy for Kenny Omega as a triple champ. For starters, there is barely enough room on his torso to wear all three titles.

Impact Wrestling

New challengers are always chomping at the bit to make a name for themselves. Not only does Omega have a trios match with the Good Brothers against Eddie Edwards and FinJuice at Impact’s Under Siege event on May 15 for the Impact Plus app, but now Omega has to deal with another pest. Omega’s newest enemy goes by the name of Kenny the kendo stick.

The story on Impact Wrestling (May 13, 2021) started when Omega offered his coaching services once again to get the Good Brothers back on the winning track. He helped Luke Gallows defeat Juice Robinson last week. This week would be Karl Anderson’s turn to receive wisdom from the wrestling god when he wrestled David Finlay.

Finlay was bringing backup with Robinson and Edwards by his side. Edwards happened to agree that Omega was a difference maker, so he brought his own difference maker. Introducing Kenny the kendo stick.

During the match, coach Omega’s presence was prominent when he tripped Finlay running the ropes. Omega went back to same well of interference, but this time Finlay fired back with a slingshot plancha.

Finlay had Anderson down in an Indian Deathlock, so coach Omega stormed in to do some stomping to cause a disqualification. Edwards swung away with kendo Kenny to make contact with Anderson and Gallows. Omega was lucky enough to escape unscathed.

Kenny the kendo stick is not an official participant in the trios battle at Under Siege on May 15, but that doesn’t mean Kenny can’t be a difference maker like Omega.

Which Kenny are you rooting for at Under Siege, Omega or kendo?

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