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AEW Rewind: Miro wins round 3 of trash talk with Darby Allin, Matt Jackson’s great promo, more!

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Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

Ever since Miro signed an open contract last week to be Darby Allin’s next challenger for the TNT title, the two have traded barbs back and forth in rounds of trash talk. Miro scored first by referring to Sting as Darby’s emo face-paint daddy. Allin struck back with a devastating line to call Miro the most underwhelming thing he has seen.

With the TNT title match soon upon us, both men launched one final salvo. Allin referenced his nine title defenses. They say cats have nine lives, so perhaps that means Allin is all out of lives.

Miro has his own video about Allin throwing himself down the stairs. He would have preferred Allin to be healthy, since it is more fun to rip the title out of a clenched fist rather than a weak hand. As for being underwhelming, Miro’s response was forgiveness while mean mugging the camera.

Score round 3 to Miro. I’m betting that Allin’s body is going to be torn to pieces by Miro’s aggression.

Road to AEW Dynamite profiled Jon Moxley versus Yuji Nagata for the IWGP US Championship and Young Bucks versus SCU for the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

The video did a very good job of providing some background on Nagata. It is definitely worth watching before the big match tonight. Moxley was upset about Nagata calling him a punk. Mox treated Nagata with respect, but Mox will show Nagata no respect once the bell rings.

SCU feel betrayed by the Young Bucks’ attitude change. All they can do now is beat up the Bucks. The personal stipulation to part ways upon defeat is the challenge SCU needed to wake up. Treading water was not good enough for them. SCU has everything to lose and everything to gain.

Eddie Kingston had fighting words for the Young Bucks on Elevation. The Bucks responded via Twitter bio.

QT Marshall has been quite confident since dumping Cody Rhodes, however, QT better not bite off more than he can chew with the rest of the locker room. QT poked at Ricky Starks injuring his neck. That caused Taz to issue a warning.

A feud between the Factory and Team Taz would be interesting, especially the hoss action between Nick Comoroto, Brian Cage, and Will Hobbs. That said, Team Taz would wipe the mat with QT and his boys.

Nyla Rose was Lexy Nair’s guest on Outside the Ring (here). Some interesting tidbits revealed were metamorphosis as her preferred superpower, Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles and Kiss as her first concerts, and Idris Elba and Kat Dennings as her celebrity crushes.

Being the Elite

“They Should’ve Put That On Dynamite” - Being The Elite, Ep. 255 (here) featured:

  • Matt Jackson opened with a promo on SCU. He put over Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian as inspirations to the Young Bucks. They grew up to become great friends with SCU. As far as Matt is concerned, SCU will always have a job in AEW. He congratulated SCU on climbing to become #1 contenders, but there is a difference between beating tomato cans and stepping in the ring with a once in a millennium tag team. The Bucks are unbeatable. The tag team titles mean more to them than SCU’s legacy, so the Bucks will have no problem superkicking them on way to victory. Matt closed with the mocking voice of fans saying, “You should have put that on Dynamite.”
  • Stu Grayson chased down the mystery girl, but she disappeared.
  • Dark Order went over their to-do list. Dealing with the HFO is first, followed by bringing gold to the team. They also wondered if Sting is their friend or adversary. Dark Order brainstormed about getting Hangman Page back to #1. Create BTDO (Being the Dark Order) and finding John Silver rounded out the tasks.
  • More trick shots with Nick Jackson.
  • Silver wandered the halls lost. He was surrounded by Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, and Kris Statlander. OC kicked Silver in the balls and stole his shoes.
  • Footage of the Blood & Guts ring being set up.
  • Matt thought it was supposed to be Hawaiian day, but the rest of the Elite were dressed as bikers. They went out to the ring for Kenny Omega to hit the One Winged Angel on Eddie Kingston.
  • Peter Avalon was macking on Madi Wrenkowski. Leva Bates walked by observing Avalon. Avalon noticed Bates and took his attention off Wrenkowski. Bates walked away. When he turned back around, Wrenkowski was gone as well.
  • John Silver found the Dark Order for a happy reunion.
  • Even more trick shots with Nick.
  • Daniels closed with a promo. Life is going to change. He’ll either be tag champ or split up with Kaz. CD doesn’t know which form of the Young Bucks to expect in the ring. Long-time friends or flashy bad guys? SCU doesn’t need any extra motivation, but life will change. They won’t be the same four men after the match.

The opening promo from Matt Jackson is great material to consume prior to Dynamite. It provides historical context for the magnitude of the bout then hits hard with trash talk. Christopher Daniels’ promo is a bit on the long side and doesn’t have the same fire. The SCU profile in Road to AEW Dynamite is a better pick if you are only going to watch one.

As a joke toward BTE, I think Cody Rhodes may have stolen 5’s unit, which was chopped off to be John Silver’s arm transplant. Look at the size of the cast on Cody’s dog, Yeti Pinkerton. You may need to click on the photo for full effect. The cast looks twice the length of Yeti’s good leg.

We’ll close with fallout from the Pinnacle winning Blood & Guts. Tully Blanchard spoke highly of his crew as victors. They dug deep and took everything the Inner Circle could dish to walk out on top.

Enjoy this iconic photo of MJF alone on top of the Blood & Guts cage. That image is worthy of a poster.

Last but not least, Shawn Spears and FTR celebrated with whiskey and tequila before hitting the showers to wash off the blood.