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Ricky Starks gets cross-company support after reports he’s dealing with a neck fracture

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Ricky Starks will be out for roughly three months because of a fractured neck.

The Team Taz member suffered the injury during the April 21 Dynamite while working with Hangman Page. A rough landing after Starks tried to land on his feet taking a German suplex was said to be the cause. At the time, he tried to downplay the issue...

Fightful does say it’s only a “slight fracture” that won’t require surgery.

The 31 year old is a former NWA Television champ. He’s yet to win a title in AEW, but he’s been featured prominently since signing with the company a year ago. And he clearly has influential supporters, both in his own company and a couple other locker room around the business:

Get well soon, Starkman. These three aren’t the only ones betting on you.

This news was first reported by Voices of Wrestling, then confirmed by Wrestling Observer and Fightful.