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AEW Dark Elevation recap (May 10, 2021): MJF’s lawyer is recruiting Jade Cargill

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Episode 9 of AEW Dark: Elevation featured a familiar face in the mix to manage Jade Cargill, Eddie Kingston with a message for the Young Bucks, Thunder Rosa using a new finisher, and Jon Moxley staying loose with violence before his IWGP US Heavyweight Championship defense on Dynamite.

In the most curious development on Elevation, MJF’s lawyer is recruiting Jade Cargill. She has been cutting promos on Dynamite explaining that managers must bring it big if they want to represent her. After Cargill’s win, Mark Sterling approached the ring requesting a moment of Cargill’s time. He wanted to offer his management services. Sterling made MJF the highest paid athlete in AEW, and he thinks he can do the same for Cargill. Sterling requested a meeting backstage. Cargill appeared to be receptive to the pitch.

Elevation also had several promos throughout. Eddie Kingston offered a message for the Young Bucks. The Jackson boys are getting under his skin. It makes him sick that they joined Kenny Omega and Don Callis when times got tough. Callis is the biggest carny piece of shit Kingston has ever seen. Kingston proceeded to strip his clothes challenging the Bucks to rip out his heart.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD promoted her title shot against Hikaru Shida at Double or Nothing on May 30.

Thunder Rosa used a new Peruvian choke submission finisher for victory on Elevation. Alex Marvez inquired about the maneuver. Rosa has been learning new holds in MMA training to expand her offensive arsenal. Rosa congratulated Baker on her title shot against Shida. She will be waiting for the winner. Rosa also has her eye on regaining the NWA Women’s Championship from Serena Deeb to become double champ.

Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page have shown great chemistry during their winning streak. They laughed at how Sky heel hooked Sting and how Page threw Darby Allin down the stairs.

Here’s the Dark: Elevation lineup with ratings (Dynamite, competitive, showcase, squash) on which matches are worth your time toward Dynamite:

  • David Ali vs. Lee Johnson (showcase)
  • Eddie Kingston vs. VSK (showcase)
  • Fuego Del Sol & Baron Black vs. Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky (showcase)
  • Paul Wight interviewing Danny Limelight (Dynamite)
  • Thunder Rosa vs. Renee Michelle (showcase)
  • Vary Morales vs. Chuck Taylor (showcase)
  • Leyla Hirsch vs. Dani Jordyn (showcase)
  • Manny Smith vs. Matt Sydal (showcase)
  • Jade Cargill vs. Reka Tehaka (showcase)
  • Dean Alexander & Dillon McQueen vs. Matt Hardy & Marq Quen (showcase)
  • Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. Raychell Rose (squash)
  • Madi Wrenkowski vs. Tay Conti (showcase)
  • Jurassic Express vs. Chaos Project (showcase)
  • Isiah Kassidy vs. Alex Reynolds (competitive)
  • Jon Moxley vs. Danny Limelight (showcase)

The main event was the most fun of the bunch. I recommend checking out Limelight’s chat with Wight prior to viewing Moxley wrestle like a maniac. It can provide a rooting interest to see Limelight do well. Kassidy and Reynolds continued Hardy’s feud with the Dark Order. The action was fine in that contest. The opener with Ali and Johnson is arguably the best match on the show. Thunder Rosa, Hirsch, and Conti had strong performances as well.

Watch the show here.

Tony Schiavone and Paul Wight handled commentary duties. Justin Roberts was the ring announcer.

Lee Johnson defeated David Ali. Johnson was down after taking a flying European uppercut and a sitdown slam. He rallied with lariats and a neckbreaker. Ali springboarded into a superkick from Johnson. Big Shotty closed the match with a suplex neckbreaker over his knee.

Eddie Kingston defeated VSK. The underdog was the star of the match with flashy moves. VSK went high-risk and missed a flying splash. Kingston pounced for a cradle roll-up to win.

Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky defeated Fuego Del Sol & Baron Black. Page shed off a tornado DDT attempt from Fuego then blasted him with a shoulder block. Ego’s Edge earned the pin.

Paul Wight interviewing Danny Limelight. The Radioactive Papi discussed falling in love with wrestling and his military career. Limelight rose to sergeant and became a drill instructor. He decided to bet on himself to exit the Marines and tackle the challenge of professional wrestling.

Thunder Rosa defeated Renee Michelle. After Michelle connected on a rolling German suplex, Rosa seized victory with a running boot to set up a Peruvian choke submission as her new finisher.

Chuck Taylor defeated Vary Morales. Trent, Orange Cassidy, and Kris Statlander were ringside. Morales had momentum then ran into a big knee from Taylor. The Best Friend ended the contest with an Awful Waffle piledriver.

Leyla Hirsch defeated Dani Jordyn. Hirsch used an exchange of fisticuffs to transition into her armbar finisher.

Matt Sydal defeated Manny Smith. Sydal exploded with kicks then his Lightning Spiral slam for victory.

Jade Cargill defeated Reka Tehaka. Pop-up Samoan drop and a pump kick were the big moves leading to a double chickenwing facebuster to win.

Matt Hardy & Marq Quen defeated Dean Alexander & Dillon McQueen. Isiah Kassidy was ringside. Private Party wore different clothes than their usual gear. Quen wrestled in a white dress shirt, tan pants, and sneakers. HFO had little trouble before Hardy secured success with the Leech submission.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD defeated Raychell Rose. Reba was ringside. Total control from the doctor. A curb stomp was the winner.

Tay Conti defeated Madi Wrenkowski. Conti worked submissions. Wrenkowski fired back with aggression. Conti used Judo tosses, a release German suplex, and a jumping senton as Wrenkowski was across the turnbuckles. Wrenkowski still had some fight left, but a pump kick and a hammerlock DDT put out her lights.

Jurassic Express defeated Chaos Project. Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt represented Jurassic Express. Luchasaurus was not present. Hot tag to Jungle Boy. He cleaned house with a brainbuster on Serpentico. Luther broke the pinfall then powerbombed Jungle Boy. Serpentico followed with a swanton, but Jungle Boy kicked out on the cover. Jurassic Express regained momentum to close with a teamwork flying neckbreaker for Stunt to pin Serpentico.

Alex Reynolds defeated Isiah Kassidy. Matt Hardy, Marq Quen, Colt Cabana, and John Silver were ringside. Kassidy wrestled in a black shirt, tan pants, and sneakers. Reynolds was rocking hard early until Kassidy made use of incompetent officiating from Bryce Remsburg to allow Hardy to physically interfere and damage Reynolds’ lower back. That pain affected Reynolds and prevented him from executing lifting maneuvers. Later, Hardy tripped Reynolds. Cabana and Silver ran over for a confrontation. Reynolds took advantage of the distraction to score a roll-up win.

After the match, Kassidy used his belt to whip Reynolds. HFO pummeled the Dark Order. Private Party forced Silver to watch Hardy use the Leech submission on Reynolds.

Jon Moxley defeated Danny Limelight. Mox carried the IWGP US Heavyweight Championship with him as hype for his defense against Yuji Nagata on Dynamite. Limelight used his quickness to frustrate Moxley early. Limelight rubbed it in by dancing. Bad move. That motivated Moxley to get mean. He took Limelight down to the mat then broke out a little dance of his own as mockery. Mox was rugged with an edge. He raked, clawed, and bit Limelight. As the two were doing battle on the turnbuckles, Moxley chomped Limelight’s nose to set up a Paradigm Shift from the second rope for victory.

Jon Moxley’s attitude was great to hype his fight with Yuji Nagata. If his actions against Limelight are any indication, then Moxley will come out as an ornery cuss on Dynamite. I’m hoping that match is bonkers with physicality.

Jade Cargill showed she’s not quite ready to make the leap to the top. Her matches on Dynamite have been very good, but I now suspect they were heavily practiced. Cargill was okay against Reka Tehaka. The star power is still evident, but her inexperience showed in this bout when the flow got a little choppy. She should be fine with more practice and on course to take over next year.

Mark Sterling was an amusing surprise. I don’t think he is a good fit for Cargill, but I do enjoy the idea of random managers trying to recruit her each week.

The rest of the show rounded out nicely. Promos from Eddie Kingston are always a treat. Thunder Rosa breaking out a new finisher keeps things fresh. Tay Conti’s senton maneuver to Madi Wrenkowski was brutal. I appreciate seeing the move as a new fixture in Conti’s arsenal after she first used it against Hikaru Shida in the title match.

Share your thoughts on Dark: Elevation. Who stood out most for episode 9? Which was your favorite match?