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Chris Jericho’s epic promo leads to the first ever Blood & Guts match

After getting their asses whooped by The Pinnacle several weeks ago, Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle returned to Dynamite last week and ambushed MJF’s group in their bathroom. On tonight’s (Apr. 7) episode, Jericho cut his first promo on their new foes.

Jericho started out by going full babyface when he apologized to the fans for his actions over the last six months. He referred to The Pinnacle as The Pineapple, and gave MJF a new name - My Jerkoff Friend. He called My Jerkoff Friend out for stealing his shit like the scarf, and made a reference to his “The List” gimmick from WWE. He re-coined the term “mark” to “Max” and said that MJF is a Max for himself. He’ll never be as good as Jericho and he knows it.

Jericho then ran down the remaining members of The Pinnacle. Nobody can tell the difference between the members of FTR. Tully Blanchard was a third string member of the Four Horsemen, only a little bit better than Paul Roma. Shawn Spears has awful hair and no upside. Wardlow is so stupid that he has to strip naked to count to 21.

The Inner Circle is going to shove the faces of The Pinnacle up each other’s asses and form a human centipede. Violence is coming their way on May 5 in a Blood & Guts match. The worst is yet to come for The Pinnacle.

Are you hyped up for the first ever Blood & Guts match on the May 5 episode of Dynamite?

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