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The Young Bucks already turned on Jon Moxley

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The presence of Don Callis has created a rift between the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. The escalating tension led to tonight’s (Apr. 7) main event on Dynamite, a six man tag pitting Omega & the Good Brothers versus Jon Moxley & the Young Bucks. Could Moxley really trust the Jackson brothers to get their hands dirty against their longtime friends?

Late in the match, Matt Jackson had an exhausted Omega dead to rights, but he couldn’t bring himself to put Kenny away with a superkick. Omega took advantage of Matt’s emotions with a slap to the face, leading to a brawl. Omega showed zero hesitation with his attacks; he suplexed Matt right on his neck, looking to hurt him.

But that still wasn’t enough for Matt to fully commit to taking Omega down. The Bucks had Omega on his knees in position for their BTE Trigger finisher, but Matt couldn’t go through with it. Moxley ran out of patience. He tagged himself in and showed the Bucks how to deliver the killing blow. He blasted Kenny with two Paradigm Shifts and intended to ruthlessly choke him out afterwards.

Moxley’s brutality was too much for the Bucks to stomach. They superkicked Mox before he could injure Omega.

This betrayal led to Omega’s body being dragged on top of Moxley for the win. Afterwards, with encouragement from Don Callis and Omega, the Bucks (reluctantly?) delivered stereo superkicks to Moxley.

The AEW commentators were disgusted with the Bucks’ actions and called them a bunch of sell outs.

It turns out that Jon Moxley can’t trust the Young Bucks. It’s shocking, I know.

What did you think of the closing angle on Dynamite?

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