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Miro finally, brutally ditches Kip Sabian

The last couple weeks in AEW, it looked like Miro was finally moving into a more focused, vicious direction.

After he and Kip Sabian lost the Arcade Anarchy match to the Best Friends a month back, the two haven’t been seen together. Instead, we got a fantastic video promo from the Bulgarian star last week. And this week, we got the official break up.

Kip Sabian found Miro backstage and tried to talk to him. But Miro wasn’t listening. He was ready to dish out a beating. He unloaded haymakers on his former pal, wrapped a chain around his neck, tossed him in the locker, and then the coup de grace, closed the door on Sabian’s arm.

For certain fans, myself included, this is a welcomed turn of events. Personally, I wasn’t feeling the video game loving Best Man. A character that is more brutal but still has his charisma is more like it. The sky’s the limit for this version of Miro.

I feel bad for the champs in AEW because Miro is coming for you.

You can find all the results from tonight’s episode of Dynamite here.

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