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AEW Rewind: Sting addresses fans, Dark Order angry at Hangman Page, more!

All Elite Wrestling

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

Road to AEW Dynamite profiled Kris Statlander versus Penelope Ford, Orange Cassidy versus Pentagon, and Darby Allin versus 10 in a TNT title bout.

Allin explained his decision requesting 10 as his opponent. Allin wasn’t satisfied with his win over John Silver due to Silver’s shoulder injury. He had wanted to beat John Silver at his best. Allin accused the Dark Order of ulterior motives when helping to fight Matt Hardy’s goons two weeks ago. He believes it is because they wanted another shot at the TNT title, so Allin is giving it to them. For 10, bringing the TNT Championship back for Mr. Brodie Lee would define his career.

Statlander swore a blue streak blaming Kip Sabin for her knee injury. Trent was bleeding from his head after Alex Abrahantes bashed him with a microphone, so he was quite angry as well. Payback will be theirs.

Since Statlander wrestles Ford tonight, I’m going to add this clip from the Arcade Anarchy match. The force that Statlander pushed the plexiglass window into Ford’s face makes me laugh every time.

After Darby Allin defeated Jungle Boy to retain the TNT title last week, Sting spoke to the crowd to put over the match.

Max Caster was Lexy Nair’s guest on the latest edition of AEW Outside the Ring (here). The squirrel is his spirit animal, Pop-Tarts are his favorite food, and other tidbits were shared.

Being the Elite

“Hit By A Truck” - Being The Elite Ep. 253 (here) featured:

  • The Young Bucks and the Good Brothers were feeling good in fly threads wearing dangly earrings. Karl Anderson’s dangly was in his short shorts. He swung his hips to helicopter his dong as Luke Gallows gave a Too Sweet to Karl’s crotch.
  • The Elite was inside their trailer when Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston rammed the trailer with a truck. It was never explained on Dynamite how the Elite mysteriously escaped. BTE footage showed the Elite running away very slowly.
  • Matt Jackson’s luggage was damaged during his flight.
  • Stu Grayson was sitting in Anna Jay’s spot. Hangman Page came in angry about being attacked by Team Taz. He wondered what took the Dark Order so long to get out there for the save. They flipped it on him about never returning with egg rolls. Due to Hangman’s selfish action, John Silver ended up back in the hospital. Doctors want to cut 12 inches off his arm. Dark Order turned to 5 and his new johnson for the necessary 12 inches as an arm transplant.
  • The Bucks felt guilty about chewing out Brandon Cutler last week, so they got him presents. One was a face mask for his broken orbital bone, and the other was an Elite jacket with Young Boy on the back.
  • Peter Avalon approached Leva Bates. Cezar Bononi rolled up, so Avalon played the cool guy facade. When Bates left, Avalon put on a sad face.
  • Grayson was ready to hunt down the HFO and beat them up. Anna Jay was shown sitting in her spot, but it was only a hallucination. Or was it? He also passed her in the hallway. When Stu backtracked around the corner, Abadon was standing there.
  • Ryzin was icing his BlueChew problem. Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero laughed at his pain. Ryzin consulted with Dr. Luther for a remedy. All of these antics gave Ryzin an idea for stealing stuff in their church merch scam.
  • The Bucks were guests on the Good Brothers’ ‎Talk’n Shop podcast. Stories were shared.
  • The Bucks visited Cutler at home and handed him his gear in a trash bag. That was a reference to WWE doing the same to Mickie James.
  • Young boy Cutler swept up the mess Mox and King made of the Elite trailer.

I was surprised to see the Dark Order so ornery toward Hangman Page. It was deserved, but Colt Cabana losing his cool was unexpected. Hopefully, Hangman learns that being friends is a two-way street. The best moment of the episode was Cutler trying to read Young Boy backward in the mirror. I laughed quite loudly at that one.

We’ll close with a limited edition Pentagon t-shirt.

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