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Don Callis says The Elite are the most talented faction in wrestling history

Young Bucks’ Twitter

Bear in mind that Kenny Omega’s Svengali-like manager Don Callis is never not in-character, but this quote from his interview with WrestleZone struck me as a fun one to kick around:

“This is, and many people have been speculating, this is the most powerful—if you wanna call it a stable—in wrestling since the nWo. And let’s face it, the talent in this [group] is much better. You wanna compare, it’s not even apples to apples. It’s apples to dog turds. If you wanna try to compare the Young Bucks to Hall and Nash, or you wanna try to compare Kenny Omega to Hulk Hogan, that’s a joke from a talent perspective. You wanna compare the Young Bucks to Hall and Nash, that’s a joke from a talent perspective. As great as I think Scott Hall was as a wrestler, I think Karl Anderson’s much better. So this is the best and most powerful group of wrestlers that have come together across company lines...”

The Invisible Hand is careful not to make any star power claims. As beloved as Omega & The Young Bucks are with their fans, they’re still not Hollywood Hogan & The Outsiders.

Is the talent claim just cheap heat, or is there something to it?

You tell us, Cagesiders.

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