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MJF responds to Chris Jericho with his own killer promo

After Inner Circle returned a couple weeks ago, Chris Jericho cut a promo AEW started calling “Immortal” to set-up their Blood & Guts match against The Pinnacle.

It was, as my colleague Cain A. Knight called it, “epic”. But during the sit-down interview Jim Ross conducted with Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s faction on Dynamite tonight (April 21), MJF may have just one-upped him.

Max’s claim he’s the only person to outsmart Jericho obviously overlooks a lot of Le Champeon’s history (* cough * Kevin Owens * cough *), but MJF’s a heel, so he’s allowed to bend the truth. Plus, All Elite tends to only reference WWE when they can dunk on them.

It’s a killer speech - delivered in a new silk Burberry scarf Tully Blanchard sent him - that built to May 6’s War Games Blood & Guts match exquisitely. And unlike Jericho’s claim that Friedman is “great for 25”, that’s not horseshit.

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