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Ivelisse continues to blame Thunder Rosa for ‘damaging her name’ at AEW

All Elite Wrestling

On Twitter last week, Ivelisse revealed she’d been “let go”. She didn’t say by which company, but since the last place she said she signed was AEW, the implication was clear.

Follow-up tweets and social media exchanges seemed to confirm that, and brought back up issues with Thunder Rosa that had resurfaced in AEW around their Deadly Draw women’s tag tournament last fall.

This weekend, Ivelisse went deeper on the situation in an interview with Lucha Libre Online. The 33 year old former Lucha Underground star said that her tweets last week “came from a place with a lot of pain for what was going on that day”, and that only AEW could say for certain why she was released.

With regards to Rosa:

“At the beginning, everything seemed great, and I had my hopes through the roof, and I was very happy, but I will be very honest with you. I said it the first day of my release; I felt valued and happy, but one person was doing everything to damage my position there. It was Thunder Rosa.

“I was in shock, definitely, but not as much because I had already recalled everything that went on in the past, so I had an idea. I noticed too late just how much damage was made to my name, and I only realized after analyzing the chain of events from everything that went on and it made a lot more sense, because this and this happened because of this and whether it was fair or not... Again, I understand wrestling and its politics, but the fact that someone was brought in as strongly, that is what shocked me the most, especially during a pandemic.”

Ivelisse also mentions that she had personal struggles after signing with AEW, and “in that wave of depression trying to hold on” while fans wondered why she was off television. She also framed her issues in terms of what women face in wrestling, and the world:

“I won’t go into a lot of detail of what went on and what led to that [her release], but I know that it has to do that us women still have a lot of struggles in having a voice. All over the world, we have a problem in having a voice that is seemed as valid in everything around the world, specially in wrestling...

“As women, we struggle in our voice in general; I believe that it a denominator as to why the veteran women’s wrestlers don’t receive the same value and respect in wrestling. When I saw that they released Mickie James, that I couldn’t believe it, but with my experience as a women’s wrestler in the world of Pro-Wrestling for 17 years, and also everything that has happened, I believe that the few veteran women’s wrestlers left do not receive the same treatment they deserve, and not just me, others too. Literally, here I could see the same issue in a match I saw recently involving another veteran, so that is one of the more critical denominators in the bigger picture.”

Neither AEW nor Thunder Rosa have commented on Ivellise’s release or comments.

H/T: Luis Pulido & Fightful for translation and transcription

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