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Kenny Omega slapped Rich Swann at Impact Rebellion press conference

The history-making championship bout between Kenny Omega and Rich Swann is almost upon us. The main event for Impact’s Rebellion PPV on April 25 will be title for title with both the AEW World Championship and the unified Impact World Championship on the line. The winner will collect gold from AEW, Impact, and TNA. Impact indulged in press conference festivities during Impact Wrestling (Apr. 15, 2021). As these things are wont to do in the world of professional wrestling, a fight broke out between Omega and Swann.

Omega was fashionable late to the press conference. When Omega took to the podium, he explained how the big stage of such a match was natural for him. Omega is a professional, a legend. He’s done all this countless times before. Omega tried to play to the nerves of Swann not being ready for a bout of this magnitude. Omega dressed for the occasion in a suit, while Swann was dressed in bargain-basement clothes.

Omega did offer credit and respect for how Swann tries his little heart out when competing in the ring, but he doesn’t belong in this historic event. Swann is just a means to an end. When looking back at Omega’s victory at Rebellion to cement his legacy, fans won’t remember or even care about Swann. Omega just hopes Swann is able to bring his A game.

The press conference concluded with Omega being civil and offering his hand for a shake. When Swann reached out, Omega slapped him across the face. Mayhem ensued as punches were thrown and security rushed the stage. (The fantastic moment takes place at 41:22 of the extended full-length press conference.)

That slap fight made me giddy with excitement. I love how Impact is trying to make this bout feel special. I also think Omega’s professional behavior helped elevate the magnitude of the match. His oddball comedy has been enjoyable, however, the confident Best Bout Machine routine puts Omega on a higher level.

For those fans concerned about spending their hard-earned money on the Rebellion PPV to be letdown with a dud ending of no title change, both Scott D’Amore and Tony Khan guaranteed that there will be a winner and unified champion. Khan will be on hand with an AEW referee to ensure that. Also, the winning wrestler will fulfill all championship obligations for both AEW and Impact.

Did the press conference scuffle sell you on the Rebellion main event between Omega and Swann? What’s your take on the professional version of Omega?

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