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AEW Rewind: Young Bucks commit to being heels, awards for Sting & Dustin Rhodes, Ivelisse exit, more!

All Elite Wrestling

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

Despite the Young Bucks turning on Jon Moxley to reform the Elite with Kenny Omega last week, there were still questions if this was a definitive character alignment for the Bucks. They had been teetering the line of good and bad for so long that it became wishy-washy. We won’t have to wait until Dynamite to find out an answer.

In an interview with TV Insider, Nick Jackson clarified that they are indeed heels now.

“It has been brewing since AEW started. We finally felt like we had to pick a side just because it was unfair for fans. We felt like they didn’t know what to feel. We committed to the heel side. Matt feels most comfortable as a heel. I do to an extent. That’s what makes us The Young Bucks. We enjoy these long-term stories because the payoff feels so much better.”

Matt Jackson also added that they are committed to the bad guy side with Omega and the Good Brothers. They will no longer be the, “happy-go-lucky, Disney version of the Young Bucks.” This recent tweet would certainly be an example of that.

I recommend reading the full interview with Scott Fishman for other interesting tidbits. The Bucks also discussed the idea of factions, bringing in a Trios title, and fresh matchups as heels.

Sting received an honorary 1991 achievement award from Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Dustin Rhodes was presented with the 1991 most improved award from PWI.

Lexy Nair attempted to interview Abadon in Outside the Ring. At first, Abadon zombied out. After stealing Nair’s bracelet, she started answering questions by writing on a whiteboard. Abadon has a pet spider, and the bat is her spirit animal. Nair luckily ended without being bitten by Abadon.

It looks like Ivelisse might be done with AEW. In this (since deleted) tweet, she didn’t outright mention the company, but AEW is the obvious assumption.

Ivelisse’s Twitter

Being the Elite

“There’s Godda Be A Change” - Being The Elite, Ep. 251 (here) featured:

  • Before last week’s main event, Matt Jackson loosened up by going for a skate. Brandon Cutler joined him cruising around the stadium.
  • Matt Hardy complimented Darby Allin’s spirit to put his body on the line to wow the audience. Hardy agrees that his body is breaking down, but Allin will learn that Hardy is tougher than anyone he’s ever wrestled. Hardy will win the TNT title. All he cares about is making money.
  • Dark Order celebrated Hangman Page defeating Max Caster. Kris Statlander was sitting in Anna Jay’s spot. 5 came in showing off how he replaced his shrimp dick with a massive hog.
  • Footage of Inner Circle’s stylish car entrance.
  • Vickie Guerrero, Nyla Rose, and Ryzin tried selling stolen goods. Ryzin ate wiener pills from the Good Brothers. He thought they were candy, and, of course, he got stiff.
  • Stu Grayson and Evil Uno argued about girls sitting in Anna’s spot. Alex Abrahantes mediated a discussion by telling them opposite messages of what they actually said. It all worked out anyway as they left to go fight Butcher and Blade.
  • A montage played of the Young Bucks turning on Moxley edited with past BTE clips of the Elite.
  • Kenny Omega and the Bucks chatted backstage with philosophical musings about changing themselves to change the world. Their fans turned on them with go-away heat. Omega may not like the person he has become, but it is okay as long as the Bucks are by his side. They don’t have to play games anymore for the people. They can just focus on showing the world that nobody is on their level in the ring. Omega had one issue though. He urged the Bucks to change their frilly gear. It is not who they are now, nor represents where they are going.

That final scene is definitely important for Dynamite, especially if the Bucks follow through with a new look tonight in their tag title match against PAC and Fenix. The conversation explored their motivations as the Elite. It makes a lot of sense from their perspective, and adds in the right amount of delusional heel justification.

We’ll close with merch news. Darby Allin debuted his new clothing line, Hoodlum.

Pro Wrestling Tees, which powers Shop AEW, has a 20% off sale through April 17.

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