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Dax Harwood’s disgusting head wound sets the stage for Blood & Guts

On last night’s (Mar. 31) episode of Dynamite, Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle was hiding in a bathroom and ambushed The Pinnacle. MJF’s toilet-face was rammed through a glass refrigerator door as part of the chaos, but Dax Harwood took the worst of the beatdown.

A large amount of blood was seen dripping down Harwood’s head during the segment. This episode of Dynamite was taped a week ago, and the ambush occurred backstage, so it might be tempting to assume that the red stuff was all phony. But these gnarly photos that Dax posted on his Twitter tell a very different story:

Dax Harwood on Twitter

Looking back through the video, Jericho clips Harwood in the back of the head with an object early in the skirmish, so perhaps that’s what busted him open.

As soon as The Pinnacle debuted and wiped out the Inner Circle, many fans immediately began to fantasy book a Blood & Guts match between the two factions. I’d say that Harwood’s disgusting head wound plays right into that WarGames type of gimmick.

A couple months ago, Tony Schiavone suggested that a Blood & Guts match will be one of the first things that AEW does once live fans return. Do you think AEW can stretch this story out for that long, or could we see Blood & Guts as soon as Double or Nothing 2021 in late May?

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