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Cody Rhodes isn’t convinced an NXT move is ‘a true white flag’ from WWE

‘Maybe it’s going to be Wednesday night Raw for all I know.’

All Elite Wrestling

If the reports of WWE NXT moving from Wednesday to Tuesday nights are correct, it will prompt a lot of analysis and “takes” about the head-to-head battle that show’s waged with AEW Dynamite since the fall of 2019.

Cody Rhodes was asked about the possibility of AEW having Wednesdays to themselves almost as soon as the first rumors hit the web. He was asked about it again last week on another pre-Revolution appearance, this one on ESPN Radio in Jacksonville.

The AEW Executive Vice-President’s answer for Action Sports Jax’s Brent Martineau & Austen Lane was similar to the one he gave on the Revolution media call. Part well earned victory lap, part wariness this could just be another move in WWE’s campaign against them, and part pledge to stay focused on themselves regardless:

“There was a fun nature to the Wednesday Night War that plenty of people took very seriously, but if we’re being honest and again, not trying to sound braggadocious, this is a just a run through. We have destroyed them for over a year now in that space, and them leaving, perhaps that opens up a different viewership for us on Wednesday’s, but we’re not reactionary to their booking.

“We’re not going to change anything we do with what they decide to do on Wednesday’s or not, and also, there’s a lot of smart people who work for WWE, and perhaps they’re planning something else. Maybe it’s going to be Wednesday night Raw for all I know. I’m not assuming that their white flag on moving to Tuesday nights is a true white flag. I’m gonna kind of wait and see myself, and in the interim, all we’re going to do is continue to come up with good content, great stories, and try to make new kings and queens on our roster.

“You’d be surprised. If you’re ever backstage at AEW, no one’s talking about our competition as far as how it affects our job that night. We’re talking about how much we love or are excited to do what we’re about to do, and that won’t change.”

While most sites have run with “destroyed them for over a year now” as their headline, the most interesting thing to me about Cody’s answers is his persistent belief that WWE will put something else on Wednesday nights even if NXT goes to Tuesdays.

I don’t know what that would be or even where it would go (Peacock? FS1?), but a guy whose family has a lot of experiencing dealing with Vince McMahon doesn’t think he’s going to leave a night of the week uncontested. That’s reason enough for me to give the notion some credence.


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