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Beth Phoenix’s heartwarming reaction to Christian signing with AEW

As a card-carrying member of the Christian Cage fan club*, I was very excited to see him revealed as AEW’s “huge” signing at Revolution.

It’s a mixed bag that his debut has been completely overshadowed by a fizzled explosion. On the one hand, it’s a bummer we’re not talking about all the cool stuff Captain Charisma can do in a new company. On the other, at least many of the people who would be trying to dunk on AEW for (correctly) saying he’s the man are busy dunking on AEW for the show’s ending.

No matter, one person who didn’t let Christian’s signing pass without comment is his best friend’s wife. Edge may still be processing his disappointment that this probably means we’ll never get one last tag run for the iconic Canadian duo. But Beth Phoenix is just so happy that both of them are doing well.

... I’m gonna need a minute...

Even though they’re apart, can’t wait to see what E & C do next.

* Want proof? I own the man’s TNA merch! Ask Rev. Claire, she’s seen it.

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