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Big Money Matt Hardy loses it all

Hangman Page and Matt Hardy faced off tonight (Mar. 7) at AEW Revolution in a Big Money Match. The loser of the match forfeits their entire first quarter earnings to the winner. This match came about after Hardy attempted to get Page drunk and dupe him into signing a contract that would hand 30% of his future earnings over to Hardy. Page instead turned the tables on Hardy and tricked him into signing a contract for this Big Money Match.

Hardy’s strategy here was to try breaking Page’s right hand and fingers, which is his power hand. Unfortunately for Matt, Page is more than a one-trick pony. He came back with a moonsault, a top rope crossbody, and Dead Eye.

Private Party jumped on the apron to keep the pin from being counted after the Dead Eye, giving Hardy time to recover. Page was distracted and walked right into a Twist of Fate. The Dark Order ran out to even the odds and get rid of Private Party. They then assisted Page with an epic Buckshot Lariat for the win.

Hangman Page embraced the Dark Order during his emotional celebration.

Matt Hardy now loses all of his first quarter earnings to Page, turning Big Money Matt into No Money Matt.

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