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The Natural Nightmares implode during the tag team battle royal

It wouldn’t be an AEW pay-per-view without a battle royal featuring all the wrestlers who couldn’t get on the card in a more focused match. That’s why tonight’s (Mar. 7) Revolution card included a Casino Tag Team Royale, with 15 teams competing for a future shot at the AEW tag team titles.

Two teams start in the ring, with a new team entering the match every 90 seconds. Both members of a team must be eliminated over the top rope.

There was some tension brewing within the Nightmare Family here, when QT Marshall dumped out the Gunn Club. Dustin Rhodes wasn’t too happy with his teammate’s conduct. QT didn’t want to hear it from Dustin, and decided to eliminate himself in response to the admonishment. He spit at Dustin on the way out.

Dustin tried to go it solo after that, but the Butcher, the Blade, and the Bunny teamed up to knock him out too.

On paper, the Death Triangle’s team of PAC and Rey Fenix looked like the most skilled duo in the mix. They also had the luxury of being one of the final entries into the bout, so they were fresher than several other remaining teams.

The final four teams alive were SCU, PAC and Fenix, the Dark Order (Silver and Reynolds) and a solo Jungle Boy. SCU was completely eliminated first, and the final four men standing were PAC/Fenix, Jungle Boy, and John Silver.

Silver and PAC had an extended one-on-one sequence. Silver tried his best to fend off the Bastard, but Fenix walked the ropes and kicked Silver off the apron and to elimination.

That left Jungle Boy alone with both members of Death Triangle. These were typical underdog odds for Jungle Boy, and he was actually able to send PAC out.

Boy clobbered Fenix with a poison rana and that looked like it could be the end, but Fenix came back with a devastating kick and was able to send Boy flying out of the ring.

PAC and Rey Fenix now have a date with the Young Bucks.

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