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The Young Bucks make Jericho & MJF pay for what they did to Papa Buck

In the lead-up to Revolution, Chris Jericho & Maxwell Jacob Friedman made things personal by bloodying The Young Bucks’ father.

When the AEW World Tag Team championship match opened the PPV on Sun., Mar. 7, 2021, the champions could barely wait for the bell before they attacked Jericho & his partner. Matt & Nick Jackson were beating the Inner Circle duo pillar to post. It even looked like the Bucks might get an early submission to retain their titles!

But when MJF grabbed Nick’s foot on the apron, it allowed Jericho to hit a springboard drop kick. On the outside, Friedman’s muscle Wardlow got involved - and the big man proved to be a difference maker several times throughout the match.

The Bucks got back into things, of course, and Max took a flurry of crowd-pleasing offense from both Jackson brothers. Nick nearly ended things with this particularly frenetic sequence:

Each Buck survived Jericho’s signature submission, kicking off a stretch of nearfalls. While Wardlow had referee Aubrey Edwards distracted, Matt survived a shot to the back with a bat from Jericho and a Heat Seeker from MJF. Stereo dives took out the heels after Wardlow took an inadvertent Judas Effect, but Jericho kicked out just before three. He also survived a BTE Trigger when Friedman disrupted the cover. A superkick party for MJF followed that, and left the veteran alone for a Meltzer Driver.

You winners, and STILL AEW Tag champs, The Young Bucks.

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