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AEW Revolution 2021 results, live streaming match coverage: Omega/Moxley Deathmatch, Sting, more!

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) returns to pay-per-view (PPV) TONIGHT (Sun., Mar. 7, 2021) with Revolution. The show comes our way from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville.

A pre-show, The Buy In, will stream live and free starting at 7:00 p.m. Eastern / 4:30 p.m. Pacific on All Elite’s YouTube channel and B/R Live.

In the U.S. & Canada, the main card is available at B/R Live for $49.99, and via cable & satellite providers for $59.99. Internationally, it’s $19.99 on

We’ve got predictions from the staff for all the matches on the card here, and a preview of all nine of them here.

Cageside Seats will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of Revolution below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!


  • Kenny Omega def. Jon Moxley
  • Sting & Darby Allin def. Brian Cage & Ricky Starks
  • Christian Cage is the big signing/debut
  • Scorpio Sky def. Cody Rhodes, Penta El Zero M, Lance Archer, Max Caster, andEthan Page
  • Hangman Page def. Matt Hardy
  • Miro & Kip Sabian def. Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor
  • Hikaru Shida def. Ryo Mizunami
  • Death Triangle win the Casino Tag Team Battle Royal
  • The Young Bucks def. MJF & Chris Jericho
  • Britt Baker & Maki Itoh def. Riho & Thunder Rosa


Humankind has reached a turning point, poised for conflict at ground zero, ready for a war. Do we look to our unearthly guide or to white coat heroes searching for a cure? Me, I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The Buy-In begins and we get a little hype from commentary before getting down to business.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD makes her entrance and gets on the mic.

She says Reba was brutally attacked by Nyla Rose so she’s injured and can’t compete. She claims it ridiculous that a doctor’s note from her wasn’t enough, but she got the Jaguars team doctor to agree with her. She brings Reba out, hobbling on a crutch, and says Tony Khan agreed that they need a replacement and she found the perfect partner.

It’s Maki Itoh!

She dances on the stage and sings a little before we get to the match.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD & Maki Itoh vs. Riho & Thunder Rosa

Riho and Baker to start, a little bit of light mat grappling, tags made and Itoh and Rosa keep the trend rolling. Going strike for strike, Thunder clobbers her with elbows and Maki starts crying but it’s a fakeout to stomp her foot! Itoh flips the bird, off the ropes, Rosa with a shoulder block! Whip reversed, corner bulldog, posing in the turnbuckles before laying mounted punches in!

Rosa with an electric chair facebuster into the turnbuckles, tag to Riho, snap suplex, off the ropes, wheelbarrow splash for two! Thunder tags back in, kneeling rear chinlock, Riho clears the apron, basement dropkick, cover for two! Riho legal, Britt trips her up and takes her to the floor for the cheap shot! Itoh takes advantage, Kokeshi misses, tag to Baker!

Straight suplex, cover for two, tag back to Maki, snapmare into a kneeling rear chinlock before shifting gears to a bodyscissors sleeper, Riho gets the ropes! Into the corner, whip across, Riho sidesteps to the apron, Stunner over the ropes! Diving crossbody for two, Rosa and Baker tag in and Thunder takes it to her with forearms and a clothesline! Leaping corner clothesline, knees, hesitation dropkick connects!

Straight suplex, off the ropes, senton for two! Suplex lift, Britt floats over, ram to the corner, Itoh tags in, corner elbow! Whip into a Sling Blade, Maki hits the Kokeshi... NOT ENOUGH! Thunder gets away, tag made, Riho with a knee, superkick from Baker, enzuigiri from Rosa, Itoh whips her into the corner but gets caught by a boot! Maki tornado DDT, fired up!

Up top, diving Kokeshi, Thunder rolls out of the way! Riho in, running knee reversed into a single-leg crab! Riho reaching, desperate, and she gets the ropes! Maki frustrated, drawing her up, trading forearms in the middle of the ring! Headbutt counters a elbow, a followup headbutt staggers Riho and she tags Baker in! Air Raid Crash... ROSA BREAKS IT UP!

Thunder tags in, sunset flip for two, Baker with a backslide, also two, short DDT connects... THUNDER REVERSES INTO A CRUCIFIX PIN FOR TWO! Getting distracted jawing with Reba, Rosa ducks and Britt takes her pal out by accident, fireman’s carry, Death Valley Driver... ITOH BREAKS IT UP! Thunder dumps her out of the ring, Riho dives on her, Rosa scoops her up but Baker slips out!

Superkick, into the ropes, crutch shot from Reba...

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD & Maki Itoh win by pinfall with a lateral press from Baker on Thunder Rosa.

The main show opens with a memorial graphic for Jim Crockett, Jr.

Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & Maxwell Jacob Friedman) vs. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) (c) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Nick and Jericho to start, Jackson right in with a double leg into mounted punches, Friedman tries to break it up and Matt runs in to beat him down, too! They all brawl to the floor, the heels take control and force a meeting of the minds! Bucks back inside, stereo suicide dives, regaining the momentum and throwing the Inner Circle boys back in. Stereo shoulder thrusts, slingshot roll-throughs into stereo Sharpshooters!

Bucks in control, Y2J cuts Nick off and MJF and Wardlow go to town on him on the floor! Back inside, double flapjack into giant steps and they do the Bucks pose for added insult to injury! Jackson floats over a double back suplex and tags his brother in! Matt running hot, chops and forearms, staggering Max, following it with a DDT! Friedman regains control, tag to Jericho and they work the older Jackson over.

Tandem delayed vertical, flipping the bird, cover for two and the heat segment rolls on! Eventually he gets the tag, Nick comes in hot with 2-on-1 action, laying in kick after kick before flipping the bird and taking them both out with a lariat / bulldog combo! To the apron, Penalty Kick to Jericho, slingshot back in for an X-Factor, moonsault off the apron, slingshot flip piledriver... NOT ENOUGH!

Powerbomb / shiranui combo, Matt legal... STILL NO! MJF side headlock and a punch to the nose gets him the chance to tag out but Jackson cuts Jericho right off and beats him down! Off the ropes, double leg, Matt reverses, inside cradle, only two! Superkick connects on the rebound, tag made, Max cuts Nick off and Y2J hits a Tombstone Piledriver! Nick goes for a 450, nobody home and the Walls of Jericho are locked in!

Putting Jericho into the corner, Friedman tags in, backslide... NOPE! Side headlock, shot off, powerbomb... MATT BARELY KICKS OUT! Crotch chops on crotch chops, MJF feeling himself but Matt scoops him up! Jericho counters the flip with a Codebreaker, Max with a victory roll, not enough! Matt lying in wait, Wardlow distracting referee Aubrey Edwards, Chris hits Jackson with Floyd and MJF hits the Heatseeker... YOU CANNOT KEEP MATT JACKSON DOWN!

Working Jackson over in the corner, double whip but Nick comes over and hits the corner enzuigiri! Matt dumps Friedman, tag made, Nick up top, stereo dives, only a nearfall! Judas Effect misfires on Wardlow and Jackson nearly gets a pin off a schoolboy! They get Chris in the middle of the ring, BTE Trigger... MAXWELL JACOB FRIEDMAN BREAKS IT UP!

MJF runs into a series of superkicks, probably about ten in total before he gets the Superkick Party! Superkick Party to Jericho, tag made, scoop...

Young Bucks win by pinfall with a Meltzer Driver on Chris Jericho, retaining the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) vs. Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs. Butcher and the Blade (Andy “Butcher” Williams & Pepper “Blade” Parks) vs. Cezar Bononi & “Pretty” Peter Avalon vs. Dark Order (Alan “5” Angels & Preston “10” Vance) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs. Death Triangle (PAC & Rey Fenix) vs. Gunn Club (Austin & Colten Gunn) vs. Jurassic Express (“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry & Luchasaurus) vs. Matt & Mike Sydal vs. Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) vs. Proud-N-Powerful (Ortiz & Santana) vs. SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) vs. Varsity Blondes (Brian Pillman, Jr. & Griff Garrison) (AEW World Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Casino Battle Royal)

Dark Order and Natural Nightmares to start. 5 & 10 starting things off strong but they waste time posing, Rhodes cuts them off, and the countdown timer ticks...

Proud-N-Powerful are out third.

Angels gets eliminated, the countdown timer ticks...

Matt & Mike Sydal are out fourth.

Going to work on 10 briefly, the Sydals shift focus to working Santana over, the countdown timer ticks...

Evil Uno & Stu Grayson are out fifth.

Sweet spin-out reverse STO from Uno on Mike Sydal, PNP dump him to the floor after to eliminate him! Dark Order assisted powerbomb on Ortiz and then a spinebuster from 10! Santana cuts them off, the countdown timer ticks...

Gunn Club are out sixth.

Gunns throwing strikes with abandon, sweet hip toss neckbreaker on Grayson and 10 cuts them off with a spear! A pump kick blasts Matt Sydal off the apron...

Matt & Mike Sydal are eliminated.

Natural Nightmares put boots to Santana as the countdown timer ticks...

Cezar Bononi & “Pretty” Peter Avalon are out seventh.

They make an impact as you’d expect, inverted body slam from Bononi on one of the Gunns followed up by a dropkick! PNP & Natural Nightmares brawling, the countdown timer ticks...

Varsity Blondes are out eighth.

A Gunn dumps Avalon after a Fameasser, he and his brother hug but Cezar comes and beats on them! He gets a Fameasser, too, trying to eliminate him but QT Marshall dumps all of ‘em!

Gunn Club are eliminated.

Dustin Rhodes argues with QT over the elimination and Marshall eliminates himself as the countdown timer ticks...

Bear Country are out ninth.

Big lads get to work, Grayson manages to get a backbreaker rack on Boulder but Bronson makes the save and they eliminate Stu together! Dustin comes over and beats on Bronson, the countdown timer ticks...

Jurassic Express are out tenth.

PNP go to work on Perry but he counters with a tijeras and then eliminates Ortiz with a lariat! Luchasaurus eliminates Bononi...

Cezar Bononi & “Pretty” Peter Avalon are eliminated.

Jungle Boy takes Santana out...

Proud-N-Powerful are eliminated.

The countdown timer ticks...

Dark Order (Uno & Stu) are eliminated.

Butcher and the Blade are out eleventh.

Butcher takes Garrison out...

Varsity Blondes are eliminated.

Jack Evans comes from nowhere and pulls 10 down...

Dark Order (5 & 10) are eliminated.

Bunny pulls Dustin off the apron...

Natural Nightmares are eliminated.

The countdown timer ticks...

Private Party are out twelfth.

Private Party pairing off with Jurassic Express, Bear Country with Butcher and the Blade, the countdown timer ticks...

SCU are out thirteenth.

SCU coming in with double teams as Excalibur clears up their breakup stipulation, saying he doesn’t think a battle royal loss would make them give it up. Bear Country eliminate Luchasaurus but Blade eliminates the Bears...

Bear Country are eliminated.

The countdown timer ticks...

Death Triangle are out fourteenth.

Death Triangle eliminate Blade and Quen in short order, SCU trying to work Butcher over, Fenix comes over and gets into a chop battle with Daniels, nearly gets eliminated but hangs onto the top rope as the countdown timer ticks...

Beaver Boys are out fifteenth.

Spin-out powerbomb from Silver, Reynolds piledrives Perry, strikes into a flip DDT, they eliminate Kassidy...

Private Party are eliminated.

SCU back body drop the Butcher...

Butcher and the Blade are eliminated.

Brawling ensues, Fenix eliminates Daniels with a double jump tijeras! Reynolds and Perry brawling on the apron, Jungle Boy eliminates him with a back body drop! PAC and Kazarian trading forearms in the middle of the ring, the Bastard back suplexes him over the ropes and to the floor...

SCU are eliminated.

Silver and PAC pair off and Fenix and Perry as well! The Meat Man barely avoids elimination, hanging on with one hand! Perry sidesteps and dumps Fenix over the ropes but he staggers Jack with an enzuigiri and hangs in there! Silver and PAC going forehead to forehead, trading forearms with abandon, the Bastard puts him on the apron and Fenix eliminates him with a Penalty Kick...

Beaver Boys are eliminated.

Perry manages to take PAC out and it’s war! Chop for chop, electric chair into a wheelbarrow arm drag, Jungle Boy slides to the floor under the bottom rope and Fenix manages a tope con giro through the ropes! Back inside, caught by a superkick, Perry follows it with a lariat, Poison Frankensteiner, block the elimination with a Tiger feint and a kick puts Perry over the ropes...

Death Triangle win, last eliminating Jurassic Express to become #1 contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

We get an interview with Paul Wight where he offers a hint as to tonight’s big signing— nobody here can outwork him.

We see Paul Walter Hauser, “Diamond” Dallas Page, and Al Snow in the crowd.

Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Ryo Mizunami (AEW Women’s World Championship)

Shida offers a handshake, Mizunami accepts and turns it into a whip but Hikaru had it scouted and stops herself short! Collar and elbow, go-behind, side headlock, reversed, shot off, shoulder block. Kip-up, duck a lariat, off the ropes, Ryo runs her over with another shoulder block! Fired up, corner strikes, machine gun chops, Shida turns her around and lays a series of forearms in!

Mizunami turns her around, more machine gun chops, Hikaru cuts her off, running knee, she goes under the ring for a chair and sets it up on the floor over Paul Turner’s admonishments! Ryo catches her when she goes for the step-up knee off the chair and spinebusters her into the crowd! Back inside, leg drop across the back of the neck but Shida tries for a Stretch Muffler after!

That just gets another leg drop and then Mizunami comes off the ropes for a trio of further leg drops... NOPE! Rear chinlock applied, Hikaru fights out, forearms, short-arm blocked, front kick, whip to the corner, pop-up kicks from the champ and then she headscissors her into the turnbuckles! Shida off the top with a missile dropkick, only two! Block a suplex, a lariat sends Hikaru to the stage but she lands a roundhouse to cut off the charge!

Smashing her face into the turnbuckles, drawing Ryo up, fireman’s carry on the stage, shifting her around... JIG ‘N TONIC! Deadlift superplex follows it up... NOT ENOUGH! Shida offering free shots before decking Mizunami with an elbow! Ryo with lariats for a comeback, Fire Thunder Driver... SO CLOSE! Going for it again, Hikaru slips out, uraken, off the ropes, knee strike, lariat in return, sliding knee but Shida can’t capitalize!

Both women down and out, rising to their feet, wrist clutch, trading forearms with everything they’ve got left in the tank! Mizunami pulling ahead, dropping the champion to her knees, uranage, spear, she’s fired up! Headed up top, diving leg drop... SHIDA KICKS OUT! A knee blocks a followup, enzuigiri, Falcon Arrow reversed but Shida hits a straitjacket German suplex!

Ryo pops up, northern lariat, going for a suplex but Hikaru counters with the Falcon Arrow! Champion to her feet, off the ropes, knee blocked so she hits a strike combo, off the ropes again, knee to the back of the head, Falcon Arrow... NO GOOD! Off the ropes, big lariat from the challenger and again both women are down and out! Dragging themselves to their feet, knee beats lariat on the charge!

Duck a lariat, eyepoke, small package... MIZUNAMI KICKS OUT! Off the ropes, knee countered, crucifix pin... YOU CANNOT KEEP HIKARU SHIDA DOWN! Enzuigiri from the champ, another nearfall, suplex lift into a Rock Bottom, Shida calls for it... RYO KICKS OUT OF THE SLIDING KNEE! 540 knee strike...

Hikaru Shida wins by pinfall with a folding press, retaining the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Post-match, Nyla Rose attacks Shida and lays her out before putting boots to Mizunami! Drawing Ryo up for the Beast Bomb, Hikaru makes the save, Vickie Guerrero directing traffic, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD & Maki Itoh join the fun, beating the champion and challenger down both! Britt and Nyla stare each other down briefly before continuing the beatdown.

Thunder Rosa makes the save and the heels scatter!

We get a teaser for Double or Nothing.

Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy are interviewed backstage but Miro and Kip Sabian attack before they can say anything and they beat them down! MIRO PUTS CHUCK FACE-FIRST THROUGH A WINDOW IN A DOOR! They drag Chuck to the ring and Miro berates him but Taylor tells referee Bryce Remsburg to ring the bell!

Gentlemen’s Club (Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy) vs. Kip Sabian & Miro

It’s one big heat segment from the jump, naturally enough, and they work a bloodied Taylor over at length. He gets some separation but there’s nobody to tag to... ORANGE CASSIDY STAGGERS OUT OF THE ENTRY TUNNEL AND HIS LEGS GIVE OUT ON THE STAGE! Miro prowls after him while Sabian mans the ring, Orange kips up, Orange Punch to the Bulgarian Lion!

Chuck with a chokeslam on Kip, tag to Cassidy! Orange Punch ducked, Orange passes him to the floor, suicide dive! Back inside, perch, diving DDT... NOPE! Beach Break attempt, his back gives out and Sabian takes control, hitting a gutbuster. Penalty Kick, only two, fisherman Michinoku Driver... STILL NO! Argentine backbreaker rack, Orange lands on his feet, tag from Taylor, satellite DDT, Taylor lines him up... DUDEBUSTER!

Spike piledriver... MIRO MAKES THE SAVE! Penelope Ford arguing with Remsburg while Cassidy provokes Miro with the laid back shin kicks, duck a lariat but he runs into a kick to the ribs! Stundog Millionaire counters, Orange Punch connects! Taking the elbow sleeve off, Penelope runs interference, Miro shoves Orange into her and then drops him with a roundhouse kick!

Bossman Slam, Chuck comes in with a boot and Miro drops him with a lariat! Bryce points out that Kip is legal, Miro calls him in for the tag and Taylor catches him with a small package! Roundhouse kick sets up the Machka Kick and Miro calls for it! Stomp to the back, Game Over applied in the middle of the ring...

Kip Sabian & Miro win by submission with Game Over from Miro on Chuck Taylor.

Chris Jericho and Maxwell Jacob Friedman are interviewed backstage.

Chris takes issue with the idea that they failed. He admits they lost and claims the Inner Circle is depleted now, but they’re an army and they’ll change their battle plan. They’re gonna have a war council on Wednesday and MJF agrees that it’s time for a change.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Matt Hardy (Big Money Match)

Collar and elbow, pushing each other around the ring, Page puts boots to him in the corner, fallaway slam and Hardy runs to the floor! Adam follows and cuts him off with a kick, dumping him over the barricade and hanging him up on an internal barricade before perching on a guardrail for a diving double axehandle! Back inside, break the count, brawling on the floor and Matt ducks a forearm, leading Hangman to clobber the ringpost!

Wrenching his fingers over the turnbuckle proper, biting the hand, smashing it into the post and then into the steel steps! Back in the ring, Hardy with a knuckle lock, biting the fingers, sitting down into an armbar of sorts, shoulder thrusts in the corner, whip blocked and he hammers at the injured hand! Putting Hangman into the corner, Page explodes out with forearms, whip reversed, duck a lariat, right hand connects but it hurts!

Off the ropes, Matt goes for a Side Effect, Adam counters into a crucifix pin for two! Fireman’s carry, Death Valley Driver connects... NOPE! Suplex over the ropes, Page floats over, triangle lariat but again the injured hand is hurting! Plancha, Matt sidesteps and breaks the count, Twist of Fate on the floor! Back inside, headlock in the ropes, Page fights out and goes up top, where Hardy cuts him off.

German suplex attempt, Hangman hangs in there for as long as he can but Matt gets it, cover... NO GOOD! Whip, duck a lariat, double lariats! Rolling elbow, Page building up a head of steam, Cactus Clothesline! ORIHARA MOONSAULT FOLLOWS IT UP! Back inside, diving crossbody, Matt kicks out! Corner lariat, snapmare, off the ropes, sliding lariat, Hangman is fired up!

Looking for Deadeye, Hardy gets the ropes, inverted bulldog connects! Up to the second, calling for it, Page cuts him off, jockeying for position, Matt slips under him, crucifix powerbomb... ONLY A NEARFALL! Back and forth, neither man landing any offense, Deadeye connects but Private Party are here to run interference and keep referee Rick Knox distracted!

Page stalks after them but they act like they’re just hanging out on the floor, Hardy recovers, Page drops him with a right hand! Lariat sends Kassidy to the floor, boot for Quen, suicide dive on Isiaha, back inside, Buckshot countered into a Side Effect!

Twist of Fate... HANGMAN PAGE KICKS OUT! Marq up top, the Dark Order pour out of the locker room to even the odds! Hardy eats a boot, back body drop puts Adam on the apron and a club knocks him down but the Dark Order catch him and put him back...

“Hangman” Adam Page wins by pinfall with Buckshot.

Post-match, Page celebrates with the Dark Order! GROUP HUG! Colt Cabana brought cold ones!

Your mystery entrant in the ladder match is... “ALL EGO” ETHAN PAGE!

Cody Rhodes vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page vs. Lance Archer vs. Max Caster vs. Penta el Zero M vs. Scorpio Sky (Face of the Revolution Ladder Match)

Brawling to start, the ring clears, Archer and Rhodes on the stage while Sky and Page re-enter the ring, Lance gets a ladder to beat Cody with before throwing it at Ethan and Scorpio! In the ring, cleaning house, Penta hits a Sling Blade through the ladder and Sky follows it up by German suplexing Zero M with the ladder! Caster in, dropkick, Jack Evans comes in with the boom box but Preston Vance cuts him off and slams him on the ramp!

Page and Rhodes working together to cut Archer off, but the 2 Stars reunion doesn’t last when Ethan lays him out and spikes him with the ladder! Caster blasts All Ego with the boom box, a shot for Cody as well, diving off the apron to spike whim with it a second time! Penta off the ropes, running up a ladder for a tope con giro that wipes Max and Rhodes out both!

Archer right behind him, dropkick knocks Penta down and Page cuts Lance off with an Ace Crusher onto the ladder! Sandwiching Archer between the halves of the ladder, slamming it down on him repeatedly, Sky comes in behind him, fireman’s carry, Ethan slips out, tilt-a-whirl slam... CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB INTO ARCHER AND THE LADDER! Page goes and gets a second ladder, tossing the bent ladder out of the way and setting up the new one.

All Ego climbs the ladder, Penta cuts him off with a lungblower, goes over to Rhodes on the apron, package piledriver blocked, jockeying for position, on top of a ladder bridging the barricade... FLIP PILEDRIVER ON THE LADDER! Medics check on Cody, Sky hits a brainbuster on Page on the floor! Caster climbs the ladder, Scorpio cuts him off, Max dumps him out but he comes right back in and pulls him off the ladder!

Caster and Sky climbing ladders next to each other, trading shots on top, Archer comes up, goozles on both, Page cuts him off and climbs up opposite Max, jockeying for position, Lance has hands on the brass ring, he gets knocked down! Sky has hands on it, Caster knocks Ethan down, Scorpio boots him off the ladders, the path is clear but Penta comes in and cuts Sky off!

Superkick follows it up, they climb ladders and Scorpio bites Penta’s eye before hitting an Ace Crusher off the ladders! All Ego climbing, Caster right behind him, brawling on top of the ladder... MAX CASTER SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! Caster and Sky the active pair now, Scorpio climbs but Max pulls him down. Sky puts Caster through the ladder and then lays it flat before slamming him on the steel!

Up top... SCORPIO SKY WITH THE FROG SPLASH ON CASTER AND THE LADDER! Archer in, he blocks a dropkick and catapults Sky into the ladder, where he lands on his feet and climbs! Lance pulls him down, gets a boot in his face, Scorpio up top and Archer knees him off the top and through a ladder on the floor! Penta in with a superkick, he puts Page up top, Tree of Woe, Caster in, belly-to-belly suplex puts him into Ethan!

Penta with a lariat to Archer, pulling the ladder into place and climbing it, All Ego climbs to meet him, trading punches on top of the ladder, Max crawls across the stage, Page knocks Pentagon down and Cody staggers back, whipping Caster with his weight belt! He whips Ethan with it too, beating him down in the corner one-armed! ONE-ARMED CROSS RHODES BUT HE PAYS THE PRICE!

Rhodes climbs the ladder, Archer meets him, clubbing the bad shoulder... SUPERPLEX OFF THE LADDER! Caster climbs the ladder after them... DIVING ELBOW DROP ON CODY! Max sets up a new ladder right under the ring and climbs it, Penta cuts him off and they brawl in the high rent district! Archer knocks the ladder over, Page returns and gets chokeslammed by the moster and the same fate befalls Rhodes and Penta as well!

Goozle on Caster, he blocks with a big palm strike but Lance puts him into the corner and sets him up top... BLACKOUT ON A LADDER! Archer sets the ladder back up and climbs, All Ego comes up behind him and begs off when he gets the monster’s attention! Low blow into a crucifix powerbomb and All Ego is ready to climb! Jake “the Snake” Roberts hits Page with the short-arm lariat!

Penta clears Roberts out with a superkick and climbs... RHODES IS BACK AGAIN! Smashing Penta’s face into the ladder, springboard Cody Cutter! Cody climbs, Penta cuts him off with a chair shot to the bad arm! Cero Miedo, he climbs, Sky comes from behind with chairshots of his own! Taking him out at the ankle, Scorpio climbs, Cody on the other side of the ladder and brawling on top!

Snapping Rhodes’ bad arm over the top of the ladder, Sky shoves him down and unhooks the ring...

Scorpio Sky wins by retrieving the brass ring to become #1 contender to the AEW TNT Championship.

It’s big signing announcement time, y’all!


He walks up to a podium on the stage and grabs his contract, bringing it into the ring and signing it without a word.

Taz is on commentary for the next one.

Darby Allin & Sting vs. Team Taz (Brian Cage & Ricky Starks) (Street Fight)

This one is cinematic and happening at an “undisclosed location.”

Cage and Starks get into a neon green supercar and drive to said location, finding some spotlights and big industrial fan in a warehouse where also sits a dilapidated wrestling ring and referee Frankie Gastenau.

We see Sting driving to the location, an army of men in hoodies and Sting makeup, and Darby skateboarding to the location, hitching a ride on Sting’s truck. They arrive and get in the ring, the Sting goons surround the ring and pound on the mat like we’re at a Beyond show and we’re off! Allin springboards off the wall but Cage catches him and throws him out of the ring!

He and Starks beat Sting down, Brian taking a break to beat up some Sting goons, powerbombing one into the apron before Darby returns! Cage puts Allin into the post and picks him up by the waistband of his pants, dropping him over a railing and choking him with a t-shirt! Sting gets the upper hand on Ricky in the ring, Stinger Splash, Darby starts fighting back against Cage but gets rammed into the wall and then press slammed through some double doors!

In the ring, another Stinger Splash, a running lariat sends Starks to the floor and Sting goes out after him. Beating Ricky down against a brick wall, we cut back to Cage and Allin fighting in a stairwell. Delayed vertical suplex as Brian climbs a flight of stairs and then suplexes Darby into a trash can! Stepping on Allin’s head, grinding him into dirty concrete, but Sting comes from behind and puts Cage into a ladder! Shotgun dropkick into a pillar, the babyfaces beat the Machine down!

Starks returns and rams Darby through a doorway that is not an exist before hitting Sting with a steel pipe and ramming a steel barrel into him! Beating the Icon down against some rusty filing cabinets, Allin comes back and grabs a sleeper on Cage while Sting punches away at him! Fire extinguisher applied, Darby glasses Brian with an old bottle and they powerbomb him through a door!

Ricky with a 2x4 (HOOOOOOO!), he and Allin trade palm strikes, big knee lift from Starks! Darby climbs a support pillar... COFFIN DROP OFF THE PILLAR LIKE WE’RE AT THE ORPHEUM IN YBOR CITY! “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs and Hook show up to even the odds! Cage turns Sting around and hoises him up, ramming his back into the brick and then throwing him into a support pillar!

THEY THROW ALLIN THROUGH A GLASS WINDOW THAT WAS LEANING AGAINST THE WALL! Stalking after Sting, Cage blasts him across the back with a snow shovel! Darby rises from the glass, baseball bat in hand and he throws the bat to Sting! Equalizer in hand, the Stinger takes Team Taz out one by one... DARBY JUMPS OUT OF THE WINDOW WITH AN ELBOW DROP ON CAGE!

Sting and Starks back in the ring, Ricky sidesteps, off the ropes, spear connects! Trading right hands, Ricky with a low blow, powerbomb lift, Sting reverses to a sunset flip... SO CLOSE! The Icon catches him in an inverted facelock...

Darby Allin & Sting win by pinfall with a Scorpion Death Drop from Sting on Ricky Starks.

A hype reel for Double or Nothing tells us it’ll be on May 30.

Commentary hypes up this week’s fallout episode of Dynamite now that we know a bunch of matches that are scheduled.

Don Callis joins the commentary booth for our main event.

Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega (c) (AEW World Championship Barbed Wire Explosion Deathmatch)

Circling, collar and elbow, Omega with a handful of hair trying to force Moxley into the wire but he blocks. continuing to struggle, and Jon headbutts him to back him off! Trading right hands, side headlock, block the shoot off, Moxley hanges it up into a back suplex and goes for a kneebar on the mat! Kenny hanging onto the headlock, biting at Mox’s head, whip, Jon slides low and passes Omega but he stops himself short!

Looking for a suplex, Kenny blocks, whip reversed, Omega gets a boot up to stop himself from going into a barbed wire board! Circling again, face-to-face and jawing, trading punches, off the ropes on the clear side, boot connects on the second try and Moxley clotheslines him over the ropes and to the stage on the third! Throwing a chair, a kendo stick, a barbed wire wrapped chair in the ring, Jon grabs a barbed wire bat and pulls Kenny up on the stage to beat him down with it!

Side Russian legsweep with the bat, Sandman-style, on the stage, throwing a trash can in the ring, Mox gets a kendo stick and wallops Omega with it a few times! Stick in one hand, bat in the other, Jon follows Omega back in the ring and gets a face-full of powder! Blinded and swinging wild, Kenny cuts him off with a kick and throws him into the ropes... EXPLOSION!

Cover, a shaking Moxley kicks out and Kenny takes it to him with the kendo stick! Smashing the trash can on him, shinbreaker into the trash can and now Omega targets the injured knee as Mox starts to bleed from the forehead! Jon grabs the barbed wire chair and saws at Kenny’s leg and nicks his hand with it! Dragon suplex denied, but Omega shoves him into the barbed wire board in the corner!

Another nearfall, Mox crawling for the kendo stick but Kenny gets to it first and whips him with it! MOXLEY KICKS OMEGA INTO THE ROPES! EXPLOSION! A SHOTGUN DROPKICK INTO THE ROPES BURNS KENNY WITH ANOTHER EXPLOSION! Capture suplex follows, Mox wearing the crimson mask, Omega clearly in shock as he pulls him to his feet, pumphandle, Kenny fights out with clubbing blows, Dragon suplex denied, Jon gets him... PUMPHANDLE EXPLODER INTO THE BARBED WIRE!

Mox wipes the blood out of his eyes and gets back to his feet, finger gun, underhooks, Omega fights own, rolling elbow! Electric chair, Jon slips out, snap German suplex into the bat! SIDE SLAM INTO THE BARBED WIRE CHAIR! Moxley wraps a strand of barbed wire around his own arm, digging into his bicep, Kenny cuts him off at first but Jon gets a lariat with the smooth arm!

Duck the barbed wire lariat, Dragon suplex, another one, V-Trigger... MOXLEY HITS THE BARBED WIRE LARIAT! Underhooks, Omega shoves him into the ropes... EXPLOSION! Kenny flashed in the eyes, pawing at them, clearly dealing with some tearing or flash blindness, they’re on the apron and trading shots, bionic elbows, Omega just full-on gouging at the cut on Jon’s forehead!

He tries to throw him into the exploding boards, Mox blocks, brain chops, Jon bites at his head, knee to the face staggers him, Moxley pulls him in, jockeying for position... PARADIGM SHIFT OFF THE APRON AND INTO THE EXPLODING BOARDS! Jon extricates himself from the barbed wire while referee Bryce Remsburg checks on Kenny. Mox gets another length of wire off the boards, spooling it and squashing it down as best he can.

Putting Omega back inside, punching him in the head with the wire as Kenny’s face fills with more and more blood. Ominous music begins playing us to inform that we’re in the final countdown to the rest of the explosions! Piledriver gets two, more underhooks but Omega counters with a low blow! Tenryu powerbomb... NOT ENOUGH! Kenny charges in, V-Trigger in the corner!

Another one, drawing Moxley up, electric chair... ONE-WINGED ANGEL! Slow to cover... MOXLEY KICKS OUT AND TRIGGERS ANOTHER EXPLOSION IN THE PROCESS! Mox has the barbed wire bat, forcing himself to his feet, Kenny to his knees and the Good Brothers come to ringside! They give a barbed wire bat to Omega and Moxley fights them off with his own bat! KENNY HITS HIM AND IT TURNS OUT TO BE AN EXPLODING BAT!

Cover... JON MOXLEY CANNOT BE KILLED! Kenny tears Bryce’s sleeve off and sets a chair up. Electric chair... ONE-WINGED ANGEL THROUGH THE CHAIR! IT’S OVER!

Kenny Omega wins by pinfall with One-Winged Angel through a chair to retain the AEW World Championship.

Post-match, commentary explains that the explosions are still armed and Don Callis runs down to try and get Kenny and the Good Brothers to leave the ring before it explodes.

They run Bryce off and Kenny throws a trash can at him! They handcuff Moxley and beat him down for good measure, grinding the barbed wire bat into his forehead! A COUNTDOWN APPEARS ON THE SCREEN! ONE MINUTE UNTIL FINAL EXPLOSION! Omega and the Good Brothers make a run for it, Mox is still handcuffed in the ring... EDDIE KINGSTON MAKES THE SAVE! HE CAN’T GET THE CUFFS OFF! HE CAN’T WAKE MOX UP SO HE JUST COVERS HIM AS THE RING EXPLODES!

A medic checks on both of them and Jerry Lynn and the ringside doctor come in as well, followed by referee Aubrey Edwards.

That’s the show, folks.

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