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We don’t have a clue who the ‘huge’ AEW signing will be

AEW has promised a huge star signing with the promotion at Revolution live on pay-per-view tomorrow night (Sun., Mar. 7, 2021) and we’re all wondering just who it could be. My main man Sean wants to think it’s Christian, and he could be right. When we got to talking about it in the Cageside offices — which is really just our Slack channel — however, it became clear none of us really know what the hell is going to happen.

I enjoyed the discussion we had, so I thought I would cut it and put it right here for the rest of you to enjoy as well. I’m not even going to edit it, and instead present it like the free flowing conversation it was.

kfd2010: Good stuff on that Christian post, Sean

Has me excited it may be him

Meaning it’s your fault when I’m let down tomorrow

s1rude: yeah, I’m worried I’ve worked myself

kfd2010: I honestly would say chances are it’s not him

cainaknight: I didn’t realize that Raj Giri issued a correction to the Christian rumor. I’d say that does make Christian a more likely choice than most

kfd2010: I don’t think he would throw away a chance to team with Edge again after they both thought their careers were over almost a decade ago

Geno: when I heard everything they were saying they put such emphasis on the words “big” and “huge” that I assumed it was a setup for an actual big man

kfd2010: Lars

Geno: that would fit

cainaknight: it all depends on the money

Geno: knowing people would think huge star as in stature but they meant huge as in physically

cainaknight: if the money is big and huge, Christian should definitely do it, Edge be damned

s1rude: the “actually he’s not under contract” and the fact WWE hasn’t used him are what makes me think it could be him

kfd2010: Yeah, could be that he was being lowballed like Show was

Yeah, it’s weird he hasn’t showed, though they probably would be waiting on after Fastlane if a story (like a match with Big E) needs to end

s1rude: I also think, despite what he says, he has a chip on his shoulder about the fact Vince doesn’t see him as a Hall of Famer (or in the past, worthy of a WWE title run)

what drove the jump to TNA would also drive a jump to AEW now

kfd2010: I can see that

s1rude: I don’t see what “big” guy it could be

cainaknight: The Great Khali

kfd2010: Brock is the only one who would fit big and it’s absolutely not him

Geno: Kane

s1rude: it’s not gonna be Khali, cause he’s tied to their India push

Geno: lol

kfd2010: I had a friend who mentioned Kane, but given he has a fulltime job protecting our freedoms against masks, I don’t see what he does for them

He gets a sweet “one off” appearance deal with WWE and can say “I’m donating it to charity”

s1rude: it could be Brock, but then you don’t need size as an excuse for using the word big

kfd2010: We’re gonna be soooo disappointed tomorrow

cainaknight: Maybe Christian is the huge huge star, and Kurt Angle is merely the ladder match guy

s1rude: he’s got a mercenary streak where if Khan paid him I could see him doing it to teach Vince not to haggle with him

I think the ladder match guy will be a Zack Ryder level guy

kfd2010: Yeah, that makes sense. Anyone who’s that level FA right now?

I think all the released names already signed with Impact

s1rude: I honestly don’t know who the “huge star” is, other than that I’ve talked myself into Jay Reso

kfd2010: I mean with the talent share, I guess it could just be Ryder

cainaknight: Jericho was getting attention this week for claiming WWE doesn’t respect legends enough. That could easily be an idea that’s out there, and given Sting’s star treatment by commentary, and things like the Tully Blanchard spotlight, maybe it’s a narrative that does make AEW more appealing to some of these folks like Christian, Angle, etc. And big guaranteed money, of course.

I’d guess that Angle would love to get in there and do something better than the Corbin match for his goodbye

s1rude: RVD and Davey Boy Smith Jr are also possibilities for either, I guess

kfd2010: I do think Angle is a big possibility

Smith would be a good ladder match choice

Because he’s been clear he didn’t like his final run in WWE

s1rude: yeah, Angle brings up the Corbin story way too often for him not to be bitter about it

kfd2010: A one off title feud with someone like Omega where he loses

Like I said, we don’t really know what the hell is going on.

We’ll all find out together tomorrow night!

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