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Kurt Angle isn’t gonna miss out on the AEW mystery signing hype

As you may have heard, AEW is promising to sign a ‘huge star’ at their Sun., Mar. 7 Revolution PPV. Both President Tony Khan and his company’s last big acquisition, Paul Wight, have called this person “a Hall of Fame worthy” talent.

CM Punk and Daniel Cormier both claim it’s not them. Dave Bautista says retired equals retired, and since he seems really happy with his acting career, we’re just gonna have to deal with it.

Kurt Angle is another whose name has come up. Angle’s already in no less than four Halls of Fame, and he was released by WWE last spring. He certainly checks all the right boxes.

Ever the worker, Angle isn’t going to miss a chance to get in on the hype. And not with anything so pedestrian as a denial, either. He’s gonna release a full blown teaser video!

It’s true. It’s damn true.

Angle’s wearing official WWE merch in this, which strike one for those hoping it’s heralding the arrival of the Olympic Gold Medalist in Daily’s Place tomorrow night.

Strike two is that while a denial IS what you’d expect the person who’s going to show up on Sunday, a full blown video teasing a return IS NOT what you’d expect someone looking to preserve a surprise to do.

But maybe Kurt’s making us think it’s him to make us think it’s not him so we’ll be surprised when it is him!

Or not. Sorry. Mystery signees make us go a little wacky.

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