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Multiple stars return from injury during wild Arcade Anarchy match

The long-running feud between Miro, Kip Sabian, and the Best Friends culminated on tonight’s (Mar. 31) episode of Dynamite in an Arcade Anarchy match. Their bitter rivalry began when Miro’s video games were accidentally broken nearly six months ago by Trent, so this was a fitting way to bring the story to an end. Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy represented The Best Friends in this bout due to Trent being out injured for the last few months.

So what exactly is Arcade Anarchy? Well, the ring was surrounded by arcade cabinets, crane machines, whack-a-mole, air hockey, prizes for tickets, etc. The fight was essentially a tornado tag team match within that environment, where anything goes.

Early on, Orange Cassidy played whack-a-mole with Sabian’s head. Later on, he and Chuck Taylor found a kendo stick and trash can lid among the prizes, using them to take Miro down. They then dumped a table full of smaller trinkets onto him, but Sabian saved his partner from the three count.

Taylor grabbed a teddy bear and isolated Sabian in the ring. The teddy bear was full of LEGOs, which Taylor then poured all over the ring. But it didn’t end well for Charles the butler, who was powerbombed into the pile. This time it was Orange Cassidy who saved his partner from the sure three count.

Penelope Ford made her presence known and interfered in the match, but she was thwarted by the returning Kris Statlander, who had the spot of the match when she drove Ford through the air hockey table.

Miro revived by that point and appeared to be completely unhinged. He brutalized the babyfaces with a chair and was looking to destroy anyone or anything in his path. That’s when Trent’s mom’s van rolled up, and Trent emerged from the back seat.

Miro was eventually tackled through a table by Trent. That left Sabian all alone with Chuck Taylor, who finished him off with a running powerslam through a table.

It was Game Over for the heels at Arcade Anarchy. Kris Statlander, Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy, Trent, and Trent’s mom all celebrated as the show went off the air.

What did you think of the first ever Arcade Anarchy match?

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