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Cody’s friend orchestrates the destruction of Arn Anderson and the Nightmare Family

Cody Rhodes fought QT Marshall on tonight’s (Mar. 31) episode of Dynamite in an exhibition match. Arn Anderson officiated the friendly affair, with the rest of the Nightmare Family and Nightmare Factory students surrounding the ring.

This match was booked at QT’s request because he’s sick of living in Cody’s shadow. Cody promised that he would not hurt QT, and that’s what happened. For example, he had QT in position for the Cross Rhodes finisher, but didn’t follow through with the execution.

It was clear that QT could not out-wrestle Rhodes. That’s when Cody’s friend grew frustrated and sucker punched Arn Anderson out of nowhere, before bailing from the ring.

A wild scene played out, with Cody, Dustin Rhodes, Lee Johnson, and Billy Gunn checking on Arn while the commentators expressed outrage at QT’s actions. But things only got crazier from there, with QT’s students from the Nightmare Factory (Aaron Solow, Nick Comoroto, Anthony Ogogo) attacking Cody, Dustin, and the rest of the babyfaces from behind.

It turns out that QT orchestrated this whole thing. Marshall and his students beat the holy hell out of Cody, Dustin, Johnson, Arn, and everyone else. This included a spike piledriver for Dustin on the steel steps after busting him open, and power bombing Johnson over the top rope and out of the ring.

QT was about to finish Cody off by smashing Cody’s face into the ring steps using a steel chair, but Red Velvet got in the way and prevented a catastrophe.

Cody’s friend is a giant asshole, folks.

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