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Shaq is loaded into an ambulance and goes missing after his AEW debut match

Tonight’s (Mar. 3) episode of AEW Dynamite kicked off with a mixed tag team match pitting Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet against Shaquille O’Neal & Jade Cargill.

This story began roughly four months ago when Cargill interrupted Rhodes and mocked the size of his tiny penis, before suggesting that he can’t handle Shaquille O’Neal. Things escalated when Brandi Rhodes threw a drink in Shaq’s face. Brandi’s pregnancy took her out of the angle, and her ally Red Velvet took her spot.

Would this match live up to the hype?

Shaq’s early offense primarily consisted of giant open hand slaps to Cody’s chest. Shortly after Cargill tagged in, Shaq was knocked off the apron by a running knee strike from Cody. The big man got some time to shine on the outside when he was blasted with a steel chair by Austin Gunn. Shaq was having none of it, and he made the ringside jabronis pay for it.

Back inside the ring as the legal men, Shaq unleashed a powerbomb on Rhodes, which led to Rhodes coming back with a bodyslam attempt on Shaq.

Two tables were set up side-by-side a little bit before that exchange, and Cody sent himself and Shaq crashing through the wood.

That left Cargill and Velvet alone in the ring. Cargill is presumably in line for a big push in AEW, and she survived Velvet’s best blows to emerge as the winner with the Glam Slam.

Shaq was still knocked out and laying in the rubble of the table after the match was over, with the AEW doctor checking on him. After the commercial break, we were told that paramedics loaded him into an ambulance, but he was missing from the vehicle when Tony Schiavone checked in on the situation.

That was a wild ride. What did you think of AEW’s celebrity match with Shaquille O’Neal?

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