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Matt Sydal gets his biggest spotlight in AEW so far

Tonight’s (Mar. 24) episode of Dynamite kicked off with a world title eliminator match pitting Matt Sydal against the AEW world champion, Kenny Omega. If Sydal won this non-title match, he’d earn a future championship match against The Cleaner. This match came about after Tony Khan stuck his nose into Kenny Omega’s business on last week’s debut episode of Dark: Elevation.

Matt Sydal has been a low card guy in AEW thus far, so this appeared to be a big mismatch on paper. They tried their best to use this match to prove that he should be regarded at a higher level than that. He took the fight right to Omega, attaining near fall after near fall.

Sydal even managed to counter the One-Winged Angel on Omega’s first attempt. His valiant effort came up short in the end, though, when Omega did finish him with his devastating finisher on the very next try.

The idea here was to put on a hell of a match where Sydal came within fractions of a second of victory multiple times in order to give him the rub, while still having the champ go over. Do you think it worked?

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