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Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks are done

One week ago on Dynamite, Kenny Omega tried to break Jon Moxley’s neck. The Young Bucks came to Jon’s rescue, and then refused to reciprocate Omega’s “Too Sweet” hand gesture. They turned their back on their friend and walked out of the ring; his association with Don Callis is too much for them to tolerate right now.

On tonight’s (Mar 24) episode of Dynamite, Omega gave them one last chance to save their relationship. Kenny explained that the reason he didn’t sign up north three years ago was because he chose to stick with the Young Bucks. Now it was their turn to stick with him, or else they are done. He rambled on during this segment, which elicited the following reaction from my colleague Marcus Benjamin: “I imagine this is the rant Kenny gives to his Pokémon when they don’t act right.”

Matt and Nick Jackson listened to Kenny’s rant. They refused to match his hand gesture, turned their backs on him, and left the ring again.

Oh boy.

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