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AEW Rewind: Laredo Kid to make Dynamite debut, FTW title to rise again, more!


Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

Tony Khan’s forbidden door is open once again. Laredo Kid is back in AEW. Khan will be bringing in the luchador tonight for his Dynamite debut. Laredo originally appeared back at Fyter Fest of June 2019 to tag with the Lucha Bros against the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. Laredo will renew that partnership against familiar rivals. The only difference this time around will be Brandon Cutler replacing Omega. It is also noteworthy to mention PAC is recovering from an ankle injury, and that’s why this door was open for Laredo.

I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that Laredo Kid will be All Elite soon, but I could be wrong. Laredo recently worked with MLW and currently wrestles with AAA. Whatever arrangements he has with those companies would likely have to be ironed out for a more frequent role in AEW. For now, bask in the glow of another unexpected crossover.

Thunder Rosa and Dr. Britt Baker DMD competed in a magnificent bloodbath last week on Dynamite. This week might be the second in a row that the women get red. Tay Conti bloodied her arm hitting bags in preparation for her match with Nyla Rose. She’s ready to rearrange Nyla’s face.

Taz cut a promo hyping the FTW World Championship. He had a meeting with Khan to make the title mean something more. The FTW belt will rise up again and be embraced with actual defenses. Taz backed up his words by having Brian Cage successfully defend the strap against Brandon Cutler on Dark.

That’s a cool pronouncement from Taz. The FTW title has a lot of potential in AEW. There are several bad dudes just floating around at the moment who could use the motivation of FTW. I hope some serious hoss fights arrive post haste. Cage better be ready.

In Coach’s Corner, Arn Anderson addressed Cody Rhodes shoulder pain in victory over Pentagon. Arn considered it luck to win that was aided by Penta’s hotdogging. In regard to QT Marshall’s recent behavior with the Nightmare Family, Arn had some sass but claimed all was good.

Brandi and Cody Rhodes are en route to Dynamite. The real takeaway of this photo is Cody’s shoulder in a sling.

Also, Brandi has been teasing some sort of announcement about the family growing. The topic of such news is a mystery to me.

For those like myself that doubted MJF’s claim of the Pinnacle being a long-term plan as a faction, MJF provided buzzword interview clips over the months that prove otherwise. I shall never doubt MJF again. He’s better than me, and I know it.

Being the Elite

“Better Off Without Me” - Being The Elite, Ep. 248 (here) featured:

  • Matt Jackson got slaughtered as a day trader. Flashback to the Don Callis promo on Dynamite questioning if Matt has changed. Matt claimed to be the same guy, however, he was wearing classy clothes and scheduled a classy dinner with fancy meats. The realization hit him that he has changed.
  • Dark Order asked Maki Itoh to join. She told those simps to go f—k themselves. Itoh is heading back to Japan.
  • Good Brothers lamented their tag loss. Luke Gallows blamed Karl Anderson for taking the pin. Anderson blamed Gallows for being tired since he whacks his hog 6 times a day. Anderson banned Gallows from masturbating for one week. If Gallows catches a cum, then the tag team is over.
  • Matt Sydal couldn’t find his ring jacket. Ryzin, Nyla Rose, and Vickie Guerrero tried to sell it back to him for $400. Sydal handed over the cash, because he was in a hurry for his match.
  • Hangman Page congratulated John Silver on his TNT title shot. The cowboy inquired how he will prepare. Time for a weird training montage.
  • Matt Hardy felt bad for Matt Jackson after the Callis promo. Jackson is so gullible. Hardy admitted to sending the breakup text posing as Hangman from BTE months ago. That was Hardy’s first step in breaking Hangman away from the Elite in a plan to make money from managing the cowboy. Jackson walked away as Hardy had a mischievous smirk. Jackson took a solo stroll down the hallway deep in thought of how he did Hangman wrong. He looked through a window to see Hangman happily partying with the Dark Order. Sad Jackson exited the scene.

In terms of Dynamite, the first and last skits are the ones to watch. It covered loose ends from previous BTE episodes and could point toward a reunion between Hangman and the Bucks down the line. If the Bucks need a quality third man to fend off Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers, then Hangman would be the choice.

We’ll close with music and merch news. AEW has an official YouTube channel for entrance music. Austin Gunn dropped an EP of original tunes.

The Pinnacle has new threads for their new fans.

The bloody face of Dr. Britt Baker DMD has been immortalized not once but twice on a t-shirt.

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