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Britt Baker heard from several WWE stars after her Lights Out classic - not just Adam Cole

Britt Baker’s Twitter

A few days removed from her history-making Anything Goes main event with Thunder Rosa on the Mar. 17 edition of AEW Dynamite, Dr. Britt Baker chatted with Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions.

The pair covered all things Lights Out, including the reaction from folks in the biggest wrestling (or sports entertainment) company on the planet, WWE. Starting of course with the Romeo to her Wednesday Night War Juliet, boyfriend Adam Cole of NXT:

“So it’s no secret it was pre-taped the week before... as soon as we got to the back, they’re taking the tacks out and everything, and he [Cole] is really good friends with Jeff Jones [AEW social media coordinator], and he had been texting Jeff Jones. He was really, really worried, he was worried about me, and they went to grab the phone to FaceTime him, and I’m obviously covered in blood, and Jeff was like, to prepare him, he’s like, ‘Okay, so she’s okay.’ And Adam goes, ‘Let me see her,’ and it was just covered in blood. But he was just so happy, and he actually watched the match when it was playing [on TV the following week] - he was like backstage at NXT. He does not miss a big moment. He was watching on his phone in the back...

“His text almost made me cry. He just said, ‘Britt, you literally made history. This is one of the best women’s matches I’ve ever seen. One of the best gimmick matches I’ve ever seen period,’ and just saying how that match will always be remembered. And I think that really was what I wanted more than anything - to put out something people would remember, something that will go down in the history books, because, yeah, the first of anything is always gonna be in a history book. But something that draws true emotion out of people, and that’s what they remember, not because it was the first, second or third something, but because it’s how it made people feel.”

But the good doctor also heard from others at The ‘E, including some big names - and people she marked out over hearing from:

“Drew McIntyre messaged me... I was really excited about that. There were so many people that just sent like a nice - like Trent Seven, who is I think is one of the funniest people on the planet, messaged me. I had a nice message exchange... with the other role model in wrestling, Bayley, one of my favorites, I literally am a fangirl for her. That was really cool. Oh, Candice LeRae, who helped train me and was like a hardcore legend in her indie days...

And of course, champion of both women’s and hardcore wrestling, Mick Foley. The Mickster might be getting something out of the deal, too!

“Mick Foley loved it. Very complimentary of the match. We’re also in talks about, when the pandemic’s not so crazy, we’re gonna get him hooked up with fixing his teeth.”

There you have it, scripted fight fans. Historic women’s matches bring people together... and lead to dental work.

Check out Britt’s entire convo with Renee here.

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