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Cody’s arm is snapped, he immediately wins anyway

Tonight’s (Mar. 17) St Patrick’s Day Slam edition of Dynamite kicked off with Penta El Zero Miedo versus Cody Rhodes. This match came about after Penta’s comments from last week where he threatened to send Cody off to early paternity leave.

Cody’s been dealing with a nagging shoulder injury of late, and it took everything he had to fight through the pain to trade move for move with the talented Lucha Bro.

The finish came when Penta worked Cody’s vulnerable limb into position for his trademark arm snap. That’s exactly what happened. Cody was in excruciating pain, but then he immediately rolled Penta up and got the win anyway, because that’s how Executive Vice Presidents roll.

Penta laid a beating on Rhodes after the match. That brought out the rest of the Nightmare Family to save Cody. QT Marshall was noticeably late, continuing his ongoing heel turn.

So Cody wins, but his injury woes were amplified by Penta. And QT Marshall is still a shitty teammate.

How did you like the opening match on Dynamite?

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