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MJF’s new faction is called The Pinnacle

Last week’s episode of Dynamite ended with a major angle where MJF unveiled his new heel faction consisting of FTR, Shawn Spears, Wardlow, and Tully Blanchard. The new group with horsemen vibes laid waste to the entire Inner Circle, leaving Chris Jericho bleeding in the rubble of a table.

Tonight’s episode (Mar. 17) was expected to provide us with a follow-up promo from MJF to explain what’s going on here. That’s what we got.

Tully Blanchard immediately compared the group to the four horsemen.

MJF grabbed the mic and praised every single member of the group. Shawn “Double S” Spears was hyped up as a top guy who will dominate AEW every week. FTR is money. Wardlow is the best big man in wrestling. MJF is already unstoppable, and will go down as the GOAT when his career is over in 25 years.

MJF repeatedly said that his group is The Pinnacle, and they will take every championship that AEW has to offer. The commentary team reiterated that “The Pinnacle” is the name of MJF’s new group.

I guess that means I’ll have to stop calling them “MJF’s horsemen” from this point forward. But I won’t stop laughing at the “Double S” moniker for Shawn Spears.

Are you digging the new group name?

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