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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Mar. 17, 2021): St. Patrick’s Day Slam

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern on TNT.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we're looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This episode comes our way from Jacksonville, Florida, and will feature the first ever women’s main event in show history when Dr. Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa settle things in an Unsanctioned Anything Goes match! Plus, Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston team-up to face former Impact Tag champs Good Brothers, Cody battles Penta El Zero M, Matt Hardy & all his clients (Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade) go against Jurassic Express & Bear Country, the follow-up to MJF’s shocking new alliance taking out Inner Circle, Jade Cargill’s seond match ever, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


Like sulfur set to fire, blue flame is born to rip through homes and cleanse the town, a new world rendered, an old world mourned. It draws closer with every step, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

We get footage from earlier today of the Four Horsemen Evolution Fourtune MJF, Wardlow, Shawn Spears, and FTR arriving at the arena via private plane.

Penta el Zero M gets an inset promo where he basically talks about kicking Cody’s ass tonight.

Cody Rhodes vs. Penta el Zero M

Penta out the gates with a dive and taking it to Rhodes. To the floor, Cody gets some momentum but leg kicks cut him right back off. Headlock punch for a little separation but Penta closes the gap with a superkick and puts Rhodes into the post! Hamstring kick gets a forearm, Cody passes him into the barricade and rolls back inside for a breather. He tears Rhodes’ shirt off, big cracking chops reverberate around the arena!

Whip reversed but Penta hits a lungblower out of the corner for two! Zero M to the floor, he pulls in a spare section of barricade and leans it against the main barricade! Cody out after him, they brawl, back inside, up top and jockeying for position and Rhodes snaps off an avalanche Frankensteiner! Penta cuts him off with a kick to the injured shoulder and follows it up with another one!

Inverted stomp shoulderbreaker, Cody fights back into it, to the floor, suicide dive puts Penta into the propped-up barricade! Back inside, Penta regains the momentum with chops in the ropes, Cero Miedo, off the ropes, Rhodes cuts him off with a superkick and follows it with a flip piledriver and the Cody Cutter... NOT ENOUGH! Back and forth, inverted facelock, Cross Rhodes... PENTA EL ZERO M WILL NOT STAY DOWN!

Cody gets him up... KUDO DRIVER BUT AGAIN PENTA KICKS OUT! Into the corner, Rhodes slips out to the floor and posts Penta’s knee! Back inside, figure four leglock applied, but Zero M makes the ropes! Cody holds on as long as he can before breaking, spinning toehold, Penta reverses... ODE TO JIM BREAKS ARMBREAKER! Cody manages to scoop him...

Cody Rhodes wins by pinfall with a schoolboy pin.

Post-match, Penta beats Cody down, hammering his shoulder until Dustin Rhodes and the Gunn Club make the save! QT Marshall comes down late and asks what’s going on.

Commentary hypes up the rest of tonight’s show.

The Young Bucks are interviewed backstage.

They talk about being the best team in pro wrestling when Don Callis rolls up. He’s worried about their dad and brought him a t-shirt to wear in the hospital that says “don’t slap leg while kicking” and admits that the Bucks never actually kicked him. But he wanted to be kicked to see a spark of the once in a millennium tag team that the Young Bucks used to be.

Callis admits that he changed Kenny Omega, but for the better, saying that he’s the god of pro wrestling and the Young Bucks aren’t elite anymore, just a tag team with fancy tights living off their name. He asks if they still see the same Nick and Matt that used to be in New Japan and leaves them fuming.

And so we go to break.

Dani Jordyn vs. Jade Cargill

Feeling out gives way to a huge knee from Cargill, German suplex into a kip-up, short-arm into the Glam Slam that she calls Jaded...

Jade Cargill wins by pinfall with Jaded.

Post-match, Jade gets into it with Red Velvet at ringside but referee Bryce Remsburg and assorted wrestlers in the crowd keep them separated.

We get a recap of last week’s Inner Circle war council and the violence that ensued.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman and his pals make their entrance.

Tully Blanchard gets on the mic and says it’s great being in the ring with these guys. A week ago they were in the ring with the greatest group AEW had, the Inner Circle, and you saw Ortiz and Santana handcuffed, Jake Hager eating two champagne bottles, Sammy Guevara wearing a chair, and their leader, the great Chris Jericho get popped by MJF with a baseball bad, so now they’re the baddest group in AEW.

When you’ve climbed the mountain and there is no place, you’re at the pinnacle of this sport, and that’s where they are. 32 years ago he was in the greatest group in pro wrestling and he’s gonna finish his career with the greatest group in pro wrestling, mark his words.

Max gets on the mic and says he guesses he is Judas now, huh? He tells Chris Jericho that pretending to like him was no walk in the park, having to take a back seat to him for six months was hard, and he’d have to fall back as far as Jericho’s hairline. It was hard separating him and Guevara as far as his left and right pecs are split, but he did it, he shucked and jived, sang and dance and pretended to like him and his ha-ha comedy bullshit, but it worked, didn’t it?

Chris thought he was taking him under his wing, but Friedman was plucking him feather by feather the whole time. And the coup de grace was convincing everyone that he was planning on taking over the Inner Circle, but that was an elaborate ruse, and from day one the plan was to kill the Inner Circle from the inside. He wanted to end them and build an even stronger faction, and he has.

Tully was absolutely right when he called them the pinnacle, because that’s what they are. Look at this lineup, you might not like it but you gotta look at it. The War Dog, Wardlow, 278 pounds of sheer force and dominance, Mr. Mayhem himself, the best insurance policy in pro wrestling. Double S, Shawn Spears, the chairman, a man who’s been held down for far too long, but not anymore.

Last but certainly not least, Cash Money and Dax the Ax, FTR, the only grand slam world tag team champions in the history of professional wrestling, the greatest tag team on god’s green earth and they look good doing it, baby! And then there’s little ol’ MJF, the guy who’s only been on national TV for a year and he’s already the most talked about man in professional wrestling, and absolutely unstoppable in the ring.

And he’s only 24, so imagine how much better he’s gonna get with age! He’s got 25+ years left in the tank and he bets that pisses us off and makes us want to put our fists through the screen because we all know that when it’s all said and done he’s gonna be the greatest of all time. They are the Pinnacle, they’re family, and they’ll be the backbone of AEW for years to come.

They’ll take every premiere championship this great sport has to offer, and as the Pinnacle, they’ll take what they want when they want, and right now, they want Chris Jericho’s locker room. But before they take that and everything else Y2J holds dear he’s got a little heartwarming message for him— he’s better than him and he knows it.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial Matt Hardy gets an inset promo where he talks about how money holds his stable together, and the more money they make, the more money he makes.

Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) & Jurassic Express (“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, Luchasaurus, & Marko Stunt) vs. Butcher and the Blade (Andy “Butcher” Williams & Pepper “Blade” Parks), Matt Hardy, & Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)

Stunt and Hardy to start, Matt gets him up for a powerbomb but Marko slips out, slaps him, back to the corner, tag to Perry, diving crossbody and Jungle Boy completes it with a missile dropkick! The match breaks down, all ten men in the ring as referee Rick Knox tries to regain control and bodies start flying! When the ring thins, Hardy hits a Side Effect on Jack... NOPE!

Perry to the floor, Bunny puts boots to him and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Luchasaurus is the legal man and clearing house on Private Party! Pop-up drop on Kassidy, Quen ducks a lariat but eats a big back body drop! Parks runs in, punches in the corner into a German suplex and the dinosaur kips up! Scooping Isiah up, Marq pulls him down, but kicks lay the tag team out and he hits a chokeslam and a standing moonsault on Kassidy!

Williams in, he drops the dino man with a lariat, Marko takes him out with a dropkick, Bronson tags in, exploder suplex! Stunt tags in on Bear and beats on Isiah! Hardy cuts him off in the corner and Private Party hit Gin & Juice! Matt tags in, calling for it, drawing Marko up... Twist of Fate! It’s over!

Butcher and the Blade, Matt Hardy, & Private Party win by pinfall with a Twist of Fate from Hardy on Marko Stunt.

Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley cut a promo backstage somewhere.

Mox says he’s not in a good mood, and not just because he got burned, lacerated, handcuffed and beaten to a bloody pulp, but because he’s going to war again to take care of his real problem, the Good Brothers. Everybody loves ‘em, hey Hoot, but he doesn’t like them at all, and not just because he wasted his money on Talk’n Shop-a-Mania, but because they’re cheap shot artists.

Nobody wants to look at Luke Gallows that much, with his googly eyes and his bald head. And Chad 2 Badd thinks he’s a gangster now because he’s in Bullet Club, and King gets serious for a minute. Those guys are champions all around the world, but this ain’t Tokyo, it’s not the Impact Zone, this their place, and it’s real simple. They’re cowards, and a coward dies a thousand deaths, but soldiers like him and Mox only die once.

Back from commercial, Christian Cage is interviewed backstage.

He offers a little bit of a rant, there’s a term in the wrestling business for the guy who busts his ass more than anybody else on the card, they’re called a workhorse, and if you’ve ever been in a locker room you know his reputation for making wrestlers level up. But he’s not a workhorse, he’s *the* workhorse, and the second he wrestles for AEW, you’re gonna remember that real quick.

He’s ruffled some feathers coming in, folks worried about him taking spots, but the only spot he’s concerned about is Kenny Omega’s spot. Kenny scooped his time last week but he’s not mad about it because he scouted Omega out and he’s on borrowed time. He knows he has to get some wins first, but he’s coming for the title. And as for why he’s in AEW, he’s here to cement his legacy and out work everyone.

Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley vs. Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson)

Good Brothers attack Eddie Kingston during his entrance and beat him down on the stage! Jon Moxley makes the save and they brawl! Referee Bryce Remsburg is trying to restore order but the brawl continues! Good Brothers beating them down against the barricades, Magic Killer on Moxley!

Anderson takes Kingston in the ring and we get a bell! Cover comes up empty, Karl gouges the eyes, tag to Gallows, beating Eddie down in the corner, tearing at his eyes, continuing to beat him down at length with tags as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Moxley gets up on the apron at long last as Kingston gets some separation with a boot and a diving shoulder block! Anderson tags in, whip reversed, overhead exploder takes him out and the path is clear! Jon tags in, fired up and hurting but he puts Karl into the corner with a shotgun dropkick, clear the apron, put boots to Anderson!

Back elbow to Luke on the apron, whip reversed, off the ropes, big lariat, calling for it... PILEDRIVER! GALLOWS BREAKS IT UP! Big Hoot draws him up, Mox fights out of the chokebomb, a knee sends Gallows to the floor and a suicide dive takes him out! Anderson hits the spinebuster, tag out, fireman’s carry, boot o’ doom! Kingston runs in, back suplex neckbreaker takes him out, cover on Moxley... NO GOOD!

Lifting Jon up, Eddie runs back in to block the Magic Killer! A lariat sends Luke to the floor, he pulls Kingston out and puts him into the barricade! Mox thinks fast...

Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley win by pinfall with a small package from Mox on Karl Anderson.

Post-match the Good Brothers beat Jon down and choke him on the mat!

Enter Kenny Omega, strutting and carrying a chair, accompanied by Don Callis as usual.

He sets the chair up in the ring, Don takes his blazer off him and he takes a seat. Eddie returns and shoves Omega over! The Good Brothers and Kenny put boots to Kingston, Magic Killer! They wrap the chair around Eddie’s leg, Mox tries to save him but Kenny puts boots to him... PILLMANIZE THE LEG! They horsecollar Mox with the chair and hold him down... THE YOUNG BUCKS MAKE THE SAVE!

Kenny himself gets up on the second rope but the Bucks get in his way and beg him to leave the ring. Moxley rolls out while they’re bickering, and finally the Bucks are sick of talking sense into their friends and go to leave. Kenny shoves Matt Jackson and tries to get a Too Sweet out of him but the Bucks aren’t having it. MOXLEY RETURNS SWINGING THE CHAIR LIKE A MADMAN!

The heels run off and he collapses from the exhaustion of it all while the ringside doctor needs to hold Eddie Kingston back to keep him from trying to hobble his way to help his pal.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Tony Schiavone interviews Sting and Darby Allin.

Allin says he won the TNT Championship in November of last year and he’s only defended it three times, it’s a joke. Now that everything’s done with Team Taz, he wants to be a defending champion week in and week out and he wants to start by paying tribute to the greatest TNT Champion of all time. This gets a “Brodie!” chant going and he calls the Dark Order down for an open challenge.

Enter Lance Archer and Jake “the Snake” Roberts.

Lance kvetches about Tony interviewing Sting every week and says it should be his time all the time. The internet might think Allin is terrific, but as far as Archer is concerned, he’s the biggest indieriffic joke he’s ever seen and he’s about to put his ass in a coffin. Jake tells Darby he’s gonna freeze his ass off so he best go put his hot dog bun back on because he’s just a weenie boy.

He says Sting knows him and the winds of change are coming, and Tony Khan best realize you don’t play with fire. Lance is the biggest baddest son of a bitch around and he’ll twist it up and shove it up your rear ends. They leave and Tony tries to restore order but—

Enter Team Taz.

Taz tells everybody to slow down but Brian Cage takes the mic and says he has something to say to Sting. He shows up like some hotshot and sticks his nose in their business week after week and after all the back and forth and physicality and the damnedest street fight in this business, he respects Sting and wanted to come out here and look him eye to eye and tell him Ricky Starks is wrong and he’s still the Icon.

Taz and Starks yell at Cage and he storms off, them following after.

We get a video package where Scorpio Sky talks about wanting to be the face of AEW and getting rejected time after time and how he won’t be a stepping stone anymore, and if he has to hurt people to do it, so be it.

Angelico vs. Rey Fenix

Angelico with a wristlock, Fenix reverses, stepover armbar, looking for the Cobra Twist but Angelico reverses. Back and forth, Rey bridges back to reverse again, big arm drag! Chops, Angelico catches on and goes into a keylock, Fenix reverses, sleeper hold, side roll into a crucifix, sunset flip, armscissors trap, boots to Fenix’s back as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Fenix with a tijeras, a superkick, a rolling thunder Ace Crusher... ONLY TWO! Fireman’s carry, Angelico slips out, elbow to the kidneys, go under, Navarro Death Roll but Rey is in the ropes and forces the break! Kicks, leg pick, Rey kicks him off, back body drop, la Casadora reversed, victory roll, trading pins, no fall!

Enzuigiri gets a superkick gets a roundhouse kick and they fall into each other! Test of strength, pop-up into a crucifix driver, Fenix is ready to end it...

Rey Fenix wins by pinfall with the Fenix Driver.

Miro is interviewed backstage and says Chuck Taylor is really sweetening the deal by offering to be his butler for life but he’s moved on and he’s got better things to do. Kip Sabian rolls up and says he hasn’t moved on because they ruined his wedding and he’s upset that Miro isn’t upset. Miro tells him the worst thing for his career is having your wife at ringside, and when the bell rings he doesn’t care about anything except his destiny to win and eventually be world champion.

Kip says he wants that too, and Miro says they’re still pals outside the ring. He leaves and Kip tells the interviewer that they accept the challenge.

The Dark Order are interviewed somewhere and Brodie Jr. tries to accept the challenge but Evil Uno stops him. They discuss amongst themselves who should answer and quickly decide John Silver should get the shot.

Commentary hypes up the card for next week, including Kenny Omega vs. Matt Sydal, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get footage of the Pinnacle taking over the Inner Circle’s dressing room.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Thunder Rosa (Unsanctioned Lights Out Anything Goes Falls Count Anywhere Match)

Rebel hits Rosa with a crutch at the bell, they brawl on the stage and Baker spears her through the ropes! Air Raid Crash connects... NOPE! Putting Thunder on the floor, Britt gets a steel chair but Rosa rolls away from the first shot! Repeated shots to the ribs, jawing into the camera, when she turns around Thunder throws the chair at her and wallops her with it!

Dumping Baker over the barricade, they fight into the crowd and Rosa smashes her face into a chair and chokes her on it! Britt turns her around, back to ringside, and she whips Thunder into the stage wall! She and Rebel get a table out and set it up while the Thunderstruck chants go up in the crowd. Headed out after her, Baker stomps her head into the steel steps!

Beating her down, Rosa bleeding from the forehead as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Baker superplexes Rosa into a pile of chairs in the middle of the ring! Rebel introduces a ladder into the ring but Thunder dropkicks Britt’s face into it and covers her for two! Running corner knees, Rosa picks the ladder up and chokes her with it in the corner, wedging it in place! Charging in... HESITATION DROPKICK PUTS THE LADDER INTO BAKER’S FACE!

Britt’s bleeding from the forehead as well now, slowly dragging herself up, Thunder dragging her to the apron before shifting gears and returning to the ring, picking the ladder up and leaning it against the bottom rope. Biting Baker’s forehead wound, she shoves Rosa away and hits her with a superkick! Britt with a reverse STO into the ladder, crawling to the corner, headed up top and Thunder cuts her off!

Fireman’s carry... AVALANCHE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER INTO THE LADDER! Cover gets a nearfall, Rosa grabs a dented chair and sets it up. Clubbing away... BAKER DDTS HER INTO THE CHAIR! OFF THE ROPES, STOMP INTO THE CHAIR BUT THUNDER ROSA KICKS OUT! A bloodied Britt puts the glove on and Rebel hands her a bag of tacks! She kicks the chairs out of the way to make room and dumps the tacks out in the middle of the ring!

Forearm to stagger Rosa, she brings her over, hook the leg, reversed, kick to the gut, Rebel comes in with the crutch but Thunder cracks her over the head with it! Shotgun dropkick sends Rebel through a table at ringside! Rosa slips out of a DVD attempt... POWERBOMB INTO THE TACKS BUT SOMEHOW BAKER KICKS OUT! LOCKJAW IN THE TACKS! ROSA REVERSES TO A PIN IN THE TACKS!

Britt, screaming agony and wiping blood out of her eyes crawls desperate for the ropes and pulls herself to her feet, basement superkick connects! Thunder rolls to the apron, Baker chokes her and heads up top but Rosa cuts her off... EMERALD FLOWSION OFF THE APRON AND THROUGH A TABLE?! IT’S OVER!

Thunder Rosa wins by pinfall with an Emerald Flowsion off the apron and through a table.

What a match!

That’s the show folks.

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