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Miro goes after Jim Cornette for insulting Penelope Ford

Jim Cornette is still out there in the pro wrestling world doing a fairly popular podcast that features the former manager/promoter speaking his mind on wrestling history (which is usually very good) and current events (which is usually pretty rough). He’s got a great mind for pro wrestling, sure, but he also holds many other opinions better left in the past (and that’s as nice as I can be about it).

During a recent podcast reviewing AEW Revolution, he had this to say about a certain part of the show (transcription via

“He’s (Miro) being allowed to be himself. He is obviously a complete fucking goof. He has no idea how to get over, no idea what got him over for a little while before in the other company. He does this stupid shit and obviously is enjoying himself doing it. He was paired with a fucking kid that looks like he’s in middle school and his slutty girlfriend to have a feud with a guy that sticks his hands in his pockets and another guy that looks like he cuts his hair with a pencil sharpener…”

Miro took issue with his characterization of Penelope Ford and took to social media to voice his displeasure:

Of course, Cornette knows that voicing his opinions in the abrasive manner he does is the kind of content his audience will continue to eat up. It helps that he actually believes what he says. We’ve also seen this happen time and time again and at no point did it ever lead to his making any meaningful changes.

Penelope’s response to all this:

There will surely be more to come in all this, unfortunately.

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