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Audio problems on Dynamite ruined Ethan Page’s debut

Coming off the dud ending to their Revolution 2021 pay-per-view, last night’s (Mar. 10) episode of AEW Dynamite featured another significant dud, just not of the explosive variety.

During the first hour of Dynamite, the live broadcast on TNT experienced a bizarre audio issue that ruined Ethan Page’s Dynamite debut.

Something with the audio feed was clearly messed up; two different audio streams were simultaneously audible. The AEW audio was quite subdued in comparison to the sounds of an NBA game. As a result, Page’s inset promo during his entrance was difficult to hear, and his match against Lee Johnson was overshadowed by chants for defense, NBA referee whistles, background music and noises from within an NBA venue, and so forth.

AEW cut to a commercial break during the match, but the audio troubles persisted even after they returned from the break. QT Marshall continued his heel turn at the end of the match, but that story was also compromised by the NBA ambience, which included a blaring horn at one point. The audio issues finally cleared up right as AEW transitioned to a quick segment with Hangman Page, but not before 10+ minutes lapsed with this severe technical problem.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez clarified that this was a problem on TNT’s end that affected the live east coast feed:

“Well, [it was] something with TNT, because the Fite stream didn’t have it, and the people that were watching in Canada didn’t see it. It was definitely TNT on the east coast. I watched it, the west coast feed, and there were no issues all night. So whatever it was, it was live TNT, and yeah it was like an NBA game in the middle of Ethan Page vs. Lee Johnson.”

Tony Khan might resist taking responsibility for AEW’s own duds, but he doesn’t mind putting the blame where it belongs when one of his broadcasting partners screws up. Here is how he responded to the audio problem on Twitter:

As someone whose live viewing experience was interrupted by these technical difficulties, I was amazed at how long it took for TNT to correct the mistake. More than ten minutes of a two hour broadcast being plagued by this issue is a very long time, and it ruined Ethan Page’s debut as well as QT Marshall’s post-match angle. As far as we can tell though, this dud was out of AEW’s hands.

Did you stick with Dynamite through these technical difficulties, or did you seek out something else to watch?

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